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Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Police Officers Wife 04 23 2015

A Police Officers Wife 04 24 2015

Clean it up.

They say a Police Officers wife has a hard life.

I wonder how many are victims of domestic violence or the mean threat of domestic violence.

A cowering life with no way that they can come forward!!!! A cowardly mother creates a mean cowardly son doesn't she? Can you here him in the wood pile talking to you?

You cans see the apathy on an unhappy “woman's” face and it can't be masked by rudeness, obnoxiousness or moxie. It's still there!


Name one religion that doesn't promote mental retardation causing alcohol at mass? You would think that there would be at least one?

Do you equate the threat of violence to mental retardation?

Your not going to be allowed to self medicate with alcohol!

Makes you wonder if there is a support group for former Police Officer wives and girlfriends (daughters too???)?

I can tell if a woman has been emotionally abused.

Impaired reaction time is mental retardation because the word retard means to delay- as in delay reaction time. Alcohol is labeled a depressant it is really a narcotic. But to be truthful, we all like the whole truth and nothing but the truth don't we? To be truthful the English language needs a word for a drug that causes mental retardation. We desperately need that word. Retardive Substance. Puts it in a completely new light doesn't it. Person X was using a Retardive Substance when they organized a gang. Etc..  (There might be a word Retardate but it lessens the meaning, "Retardive" is much stronger, accurate and meaningful.

To delay immature emotions until you can project them onto someone else? That is a person that didn't grow up!


Devil's Advocate Section

“Perhaps a really spoiled woman does need a crack across the mouth so she doesn't endanger her family with her spoiled will? How many people wouldn't be mentally retarded today if at the first sign of it they had it disciplined from them? I mean who am I to interfere with your family life with this?

That poor woman might not have a husband at all without a crack across the mouth to keep her behaved? She needs to learn that the sex isn't going to be any better than it is with me! I control the neighborhood! Nobody messes with me!”
End of Devils Advocate Section


Corrupt law enforcement amounts to treason. And treason has been punished with the death penalty???


Adultery or cheating on your wife is the worse form of emotional abuse there is! It goes right to the top in Milwaukee with Mayor Barrett hiring Flynn. Granted the head of the Police Union who stated that the officer who apparently provoked and then shot a homeless man did nothing wrong is no better.

And when a group of guy's go out drinking at night, there will always be a bar whore to show up. And one of them will have sex with her. Much like the Romans drawing straws when they invaded Israel. And he comes home with gonorrhea on his breath. He also sires a fatherless child which is likely to be a source of crime or possible gay and joint the police force when he is older. Why does he do it? Misery loves company! He get's gonorrhea on his breath and therefore brain and she is sterile from vaginal warts at a very young age.

He likely sleeps in a separate bed from his wife so she can't hear him crying at night.

I would send the lock stock and barrel of this group into a cold turkey detention camp.


New Article starts here.

“You're Gonna Burn to Death!”

Smoking cigarettes causes forest fires! Oddly enough Initial Asian immigrants sell a lot of tobacco cheap! They used to claim to be for the land but it doesn't hold up to logic does it!

Perhaps people who smoke shouldn't be allowed to hunt, obtain a license or visit nature areas.

California is experiencing a drought. What would be the next deadly thing to happen is if all that dry land caught on fire. And California is known for its forest fires. With California likely to go up in smoke you would think that Cigarettes would be banned. But no they want to legalize pot to create more potential fires from the lit joints? Honest to God if you kid walked around waving a lit match everywhere he went including the car everyone would say that you are the weakest parent in the history of the world! The odds of a wild fire are extremely higher with a drought?

Your gonna burn to death aren't you!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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What did I just flush out there?  The Tavern is the greatest source of emotional abuse a woman has to face in her life.

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