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Monday, April 6, 2015

Does Homeland Security really mean Jewish Homeland Security 04 06 2015

Does Homeland Security really mean Jewish Homeland Security 04 06 2015

When any of us are hearing unremitting sequential different voices it means they are scheduled.

What they want to convince you that you are hearing is really just the wind is not, it is a projected percussive EMF vocal transmitting wave.

What type of race is it that doesn't like peace and quiet to concentrate?  What type of person would want to bombard a humans mind with cacaphony?

So if you want to make it Jewish Homeland security you ought to have a truly blessed one, meaning non heathenized man (teacher= rabbi), govern it!  How does a teacher solve the dilema of a child that cannot be taught?  What happens when a teachers can't be taught to be valid teachers by the traditional method?  It means that the religion based on teachng is no longer valid!  That which can't be taught has indeed been heathenized.  And we don't torture humans as the enemies who conquered Israel did, in order to that false teachers can be created.

We don't allow women to intrude into the minds of human men because it is the only thing that makes them happy in life.  If a woman wants to be with a man with a mind she has to marry him.  And if one doesn't want to marry her then natural selection has reasserted itself!

And if a boy chooses to be with a man with a mind as his father who is not, then those men should be the highest compensated in the world.

When men no longer want to teach your children because they are ill behaved the problem isn't with the man is it.  The problem is with the father who is indeed also the same as what your son will grow up to be.

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