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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bone Research 04 12 2015

Bone Research 04 12 2015

So I was looking at the rib bone of a Buffalo Fish.

And what did I discover?  At the back bone of the rib bone it is very white presumably because it is rich in Calcium Deposition from the feeder nerves.  But at the tip of the rib bone it was basically clear.  And the clear part flexed easily.  What did I presume?  That the clear tip was essentially silica based.  That the silica matrix forms first.  And perhaps as we age the calcium matrix forms into it?

But what about human anatomy versus a fish which has a different dynamic in terms of gravitational and water pressure?

But looking at the way that tip of the bone flexed and the white deposition didn't I came to the conclusion that Silica would make a natural fishing rod base material in some form.

Is there a textile of stranded silica?  Not fiberglass.  Not Graphite.  But a special formulation for flexibility?  Is what I asked myself next.

But in terms of human anatomy and aging it would seem that the silica matrix is far more important that calcium overload to the kidneys?

With a  properly maintained silica matrix calcium levels normalize?  But that issue is clouded with issues such as smoking, alcohol and perhaps parasites skewing what would be normal scientific results and conclusions.

Conclusion, that fish bone would make a better best toothpick!

Buffalo Fish didn't have much flavor to it.  As always I filleted off any red and brown parts and disposed of them as likely where mercury would concentrate.  How would things be different at the grocery store if every fish monger had to fillet that off before they could weigh it and sell it to you for the same price.

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