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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Chinese Invasion 04 26 2015

Chinese Invasion 04 26 2015

What would prevent the Chinese from coming across the ocean on a freighter boat and unleashing platoon after platoon from it?

Instead of those boats filled with electronic cargo that doesn't work and plastic goods made to fail they would be stock full of Chinese soldiers?

How many ships like this do the Chinese have?

They sell us a bunch of disposable crap and then they want to displace the United States dollar as the world currency?

Any semblance of freedom they have in their economic structure they owe to the United States pushing them to democracy!

Any technology that they developed came from American minds conceived in FREEDOM!

You can pull that currency trick with us if you want to but we will cut you straight off and you will revert to worse than what you were before.

The only way we ever defeat the Chinese is to clean up our country pretty good!  That means vetting our financial system of unfairness, eliminating substances that cause mental retardation and cleaning our environment, striking down the divine right (illegal title of nobility) of limited liability.  Divine right is the equivalent of communism.  We had a big problem with it in U.S. history however it got slicked to us by FDR along with an illegal repeal of Prohibition.

It would be easy for China to take us over because a great many already have the liberal communist mindset in the United States; they would just bend over backwards if it happened.

We see the threat of Communism by mayors that can't manage and judicial system that can't punish whining that gun control is the answer.  Gun Control is Communism too!

But look at the gestalt of all of this.  Do the Chinese ever want to thank us for the positive role model and influence we had on them?  No they want to conquer us! First they want to create economic hardship by devaluing the dollar.  Sounds a lot like Bernie Madeoff's plan too?  Isn't that the bad kid?  When they learn from someone they then don't want anyone to know that they actually learned from someone and it motivates them to destroy that someone!  Now I am indeed getting into a psychological archetype perhaps of a cognition that is based on defective human DNA and I didn't want to do that.  But what that represents is those who were not disciplined from a spoiled will at a very young age because no matter what was said or done to them it would not have been effective in curbing bad behavior.

I also want to comment on WWII veterans being mocked and spit on in Florida.  Those WWII vets, in fact every vet, out to be given the latest .45 caliber machine gun and 10,000 rounds of ammo each.  And that is Jeb Bush's state?  Ivy league filth whose family money came from a bank transfer from Nazi Germany, who those WWII veterans fought against.  Look at this very carefully.  There is always more than two sides in every single war!  More likely a dozen sides in every war!  That is how wars should have been analyzed and taught in grade school history.  Like a little puzzle, how many sides can you find in this war?  Every single instance of conflict leading up to it both internally in countries as well as externally represents a different side with its own interest.  That is exactly how your mind works to interpret it as you read about Wars in history.  The problem starts with bad forms of Government.  The problem gets a lot worse when good forms of Government are corrupted by bad people.  A good form of Government ought to be able to stand up and righteously declare, here is why you are wrong and the problems that you have are ones you created for yourself.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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