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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

If the Milwaukee Bucks played in a Barn just the size of the parameter of the court plus player bench

If the Milwaukee Bucks played in a Barn just the size of the parameter of the court plus player bench  04 08 2015

If the Milwaukee Bucks played in a Barn just the size of the parameter of the court plus player bench and the Basketball games were only shown via closed circuit television transmitted to public TV would anyone watch?

What does that mean?  It means that the activity doesn't stand on its own!

People at home are just watching to see who had the money to go out and watch that game?

What if it were a national requirement that in all sporting events the crowd could NEVER be filmed or heard??

It would flunk just like a bitter comedian would without his canned laughter!

That means it is really an excuse to drink?  The leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere.

So after that perhaps family values and academic education would be reasserted in the United States.  You will no longer have the mean and therefore mentally defective children feeling that they have a place in this world?

It is the same principle on television shows isn't it?  Showing a bunch of people together as if they are the best of friends and have the best lives in the world; while they don't struggle through life like the rest of us do who have the exact same problems they are supposed to have on television.  Honest to god did you ever see any of those people on television having to worry about paying for the rent or their next meal?  Did you ever see one of them who couldn't concentrate at work the next day because some beast of a person (coven) kept them up all night with voices?

And if indeed the players in a football game were insulated from the noise of the crowd would not the game be played more professionally?  They wouldn't get away with stomping on someone's hand.  And you would never have a soccer "false dad" threatening violence to a referee!

And who starts the boohing?  It is usually the biggest baboon sitting in the audience drinking a beer isn't it.  So that is a place for him to go where he can express himself and feel comfortable with himself.

The Milwaukee Bucks don't need a new stadium.  They can play at some small inner city grade/high school gym that only has enough room for one row of player benches around the perimeter!  It could be a rubber floored barn out in the boondocks like where they put prisons.

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That makes it a blue collar activity.  I have no problem with hard working blue collar people until they start oafing at me like they are a female baboon.  What we don't need is oafing in place of rational government and decision making.

And that is the archetype of person that killed John F. Kennedy the man who took us to the moon!  All of that was too complicated for the oaf!  And hence the oaf had to do something about it in order to reset our country back to one where he felt comfortable.

So how come the United States is a net oil and gas exporter today when they were not before?  It goes back to the oafs from the civil war doesn't it.  And then after the civil war we had the eugenics movement in the South?  Yes there were gas chambers in the south.  So they created a wealth class based in the south by saying we didn't have any oil and then sending the non-oafing (north) American brave off to middle east wars for it?  And it raised the price of oil didn't it!  And back in the early 1970's we had commercial solar electric photovoltaic technology that could have powered this entire nation!  So if they told us there was no gas in the south it was really out of fear that we would put them in a gas chamber with it?  "No we don't have any of that here."

Charles Sumner an abolitionist wanted all of the Confederate southern states to loose their state titles and be governed as one.  He also wanted England to give us Canada because they helped the Confederate South in the Civil war.  We would have been a lot better off if that had happened.

That oaf can't go somewhere where he has to watch patiently and be respectful of the person speaking or performing because it makes him feel very uncomfortable with himself, just as if he was back in grade school again.  Where his parents could pay for his education and he could be the distracting emotionally disturbed behavioral problem class clown all day long while the rest of us had to just accept it.


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