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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I have many people come up to me and start a conversation about Fraud in the School System 04 14 2015

I have many people come up to me and start a conversation about Fraud in the School System 04 14 2015

I believe it has to do with wanting their children to be classified as mentally retarded and therefore entitled to receive $80,000 a year.

What they are telling me is that they just want the money!

I asked one person in the know if those children were abused?  And flat out he stated no!  They are defiant and do not want to listen and they just want the money!

How many home schooled children are receiving that money?

Are we going to transition to home schooled children receiving voucher money?

Ever attempt to get some work done at home and have children that should be in school cause a distraction?

That means they have formed a network?

The way it should work is that if you have a mentally retarded child you ought to be the one living in the trailer park with the white trash and not those of us who hear voices ending up there or homeless because of your spoiled will.

But look at that again.  Those children whose families receive the money are defiant! Isn't that the exact type of kid that is going to give your child drugs and push them on them?  Yes!  So look at what it fosters!  And those drugs all cause delayed development better known as mental retardation.  So in effect the child that was raised to be the spoiled brat gets to play god and make retards out of honest Americans.

This is one item that could drain Milwaukee.  There is a statistic that after a major skyscraper goes up as is being built in Milwaukee that local economy then goes into a recession.

Usually I comment on news stories already written on in the local paper.

But the question is How come the prominent Milwaukee Paper or Media is scared of touching this issue?  I haven't seen anything substantive that would cause legislative action to be put in place.  Which tells me what?  The media is a beneficiary of those mental retardation monies!  And I know that to be true because I have seen the mentally disabled walking with paper reporters; likely their children.

An archetype that you don't know about is the mentally defective female that wants to have oversight and control over every single work of literature or reporting that is ever written or published!!!  It is far worse that censorship it amounts to genocide by that which is inferior to the norm.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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