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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How do you monitor the potential activities of "former" members of organized crime without creating a Gestapo 04 15 2015

How do you monitor the potential activities of "former" members of organized crime without creating a Gestapo 04 15 2015

The hallmark of organized crime would seem to be torture.  So therefore I believe that George Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld and any of their friends or business associates should be having all of their activities, conversations monitored.

Also anyone ever involved in organized crime or corruption in Government should also have their activities monitored.

Any civil servant who advocated Unconstitutional Policies should also have their activities monitored.

And we can be open about it too.  In fact everyone who is ever being monitored should be made aware of it.  So that they have the chance to reform.

For some of us that could end up being a badge of honor!  "This person hears voices and that is why we thought we should monitor him/her?"  I wouldn't mind wearing a gold badge that states that.

Does anyone else see the duplicity in that?  "We are monitoring this person because he hears voices?"  What is the implication about who is talking to them and why?  We can say for certain one is factually a form of possession.  However we are not allowed to make the assertion that the voices are caused by a desired form of  (demonic) possession either?

Contrast that to an orange badge for someone of an organized crime family.

You ever see a former member of organized crime submit an application to work on street cleanup crews?  No.  They don't do that they get right back into the thick of it somehow!  What is that an indication of?  A child that could never be effectively disciplined because his father had no disappointment and him never any shame!  So those are characteristics of the criminal mind and how criminal families live.

I don't like the way that they talk either.  How they take one another into their personal confidence.  Like woman gossiping in a knitting group they do not act like men and therefore do not meet the classification of professional.  How they create fear in communities, then grant favors and then subjectively persecute for betrayal.  I want that gone from the United States.

The point being is that if you don't monitor the activities of a former member of what amounts to organized or networked crime they are going to try and kill you as fast as they can so that they can set up criminal shop again and abuse our democracy and people.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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