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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Urine Filtration 04 15 2015 updated

Urine Filtration 04 15 2015

So there is a diabetes drug in Lake Michigan water out to a distance of two miles from shore.  And that isn't the only drug.

People who are taking prescription drugs should be required to have a urine filtration system with them when they go out in public.  It is something that could be placed in a toilet. Or it could indeed be its own canister like those oxygen tanks on wheels like cigarette lunged people have.

But what about in the home?  I can think of a few methods that could be used in Urine Filtration and I am not sure that they can break down all the chemicals in pharma and other drugs.

1. Activated Charcoal Filtration
2. Thin membrane filtration.
3. Reverse osmosis.
4. Electrolysis
5. Electric based Ozone filtration.
6. Centrifuge

Pot.  So Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee has no problem with someone being caught with a dime bag of pot?  Just as I don't like that diabetes drug in our Lake Michigan I also don't like marijuana residue.  What about heroin and meth and whatever other street drugs there are? You want that piss at high levels where your children should be able to swim safely?  How about alcohol metabolite?  see below

Now a pharmacists told me that the complications of a diabetes drug could be low blood sugar.  So I started to think.  We know that the diabetes drug ends up in the water through urine because that is the way it works in the body it is put in at high levels and isn't broken down through metabolism.  But what would be the effect of giving a diabetes drug to cows?  What am I getting at?  How do we know they aren't spiking cows with it to make them fatter?  If it causes low blood sugar then the cows have to eat a lot more to get a healthy cow feeling?  Makes you sick to think about doesn't it!

Who is going to pay for it?  You expect me to pay for the cost of a fat mans disease?  That is not Uniform taxation and therefore unconstitutional.    You expect me to pay for a fat mans disease and what will I tell you in return?  I want that fat man to have very little food and never again alcohol.  How's that?  You want me to pay for a fat mans disease and I want to put that fat man in a detention camp where he gets exercise and restricted caloric intake.  And that fat man doesn't get out of there until he loses the weight and thanks me for doing it for him!

I don't like temperamental fat people living in my community.  Is that hate speech? Good God; the Devil tortured people and then created an anti hate speech law?  He should never have been born!

Gee looks like fatty (ChrisChristie and others) going to be out of civic matters for a while. We also won't have to put up with another fatty on late night television.  So and so won't ever be teaching Chemistry again.  So and so won't be having her own television network.  So and so won't be in the Corporate office getting hot and testy with everyone.  So and so won't be working at a bar.  So and so won't be buying concentrated calories in the form of alcohol.

So if he is made to wear a id tag around his neck saying what drug he is on then he cannot go into a public restroom without his portable urine filtration device.

With that diabetes drug polluting Lake Michigan and likely to harm the rest of us I see why both Gluttony and Sloth are deadly sins.  Also greed!

With antibiotics polluting Lake Michigan I also see why Lust, Pride (what it really means per MY definition) and Envy are deadly sins.  We can add sloth and gluttony as being associated with antibiotic necessitation too.

How is alcohol broken down in the body?  To Carbon Dioxide and Water, acetic acid poisons.  The carbon in the gas then dissolved to attract calcium and form kidney stones?  The kidney stones causing renal damage whereby sugar is not properly excreted from the body; hence insulin spikes, and diabetes sets in?  That is how I analyze it.  Because caused by carbonated beer and soda.

I don't want any of those poisonous alcohol urine metabolites in our water in the United States and I am not going to let you piss them somewhere else either!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 04 15 2015 at:

updated:  When a Doctor prescribes more than one drug at a time they call it a "cocktail."  Are they injecting cows with "Cocktails?"  I wouldn't doubt that somehow they have us paying for those cocktails that they are giving cows, that end up in our water supply, that end up giving us the very illness that the drug cocktail is used to treat?


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