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Sunday, April 5, 2015

The French Connection 04 05 2015

The French Connection 04 05 2015

"From Turkey to Marseille, France, for processing and ultimately to the United States. "

But that connection would have to include the Roosevelt's as they were of French nationality and their family wealth came from the opiate trade with China.

FDR's cabinet was in office until the 70's.  That means the French connection had to have been founded by him.  All of the people he ever had contacts with need to be examined.

It really puts WWII in a different perspective in terms of corrupt motivation?  If you just say it was between Germany and France, (and nothing else happened in it) you would say we didn't need the heroin in the U.S.

And also Heroin was widely available to United States Soldiers in Vietnam.  When it should have never been there.  So that came from his cabinet too?  Somehow it would appear to be a criminal network involved whose distribution supply line somehow splits between pharmacy and street drug dealing, and perhaps joints back up in a few places?  That is how I read it.

I could say more about this but I really don't see any of it making much difference.  The reason I fight is because I wouldn't want my life to be ruined by drugs and therefore I wouldn't want yours to either.  Perhaps I fight for those who already are buried under headstones from heroin poisoning that have no one to fight for them.

And perhaps I have known a French person or two that were not that great people.

Actually from that reading the money to start those operations came from The French Gestapo during the Nazi Occupation of France.  So in this case I would revert to my prior inclination, that if I were U.S. President I would destroy by air strike every single pharmaceutical plant in Germany.

But as you read that French Connection article in Wikipedia what do you realize?  The public doesn't know the details of the big names involved in Drug Dealing in the U.S. here today!  That should all be made public.  The problem being that Newspapers have been given the gag order by big money?  Journalists hit over the head with lead pipes?

I would implicate a pharmaco in Mexico that also distributed in Pervitin in Nazi Germany.

Look at how drugs and chemicals played a major part in World Wars???  When the war should have been on the drug companies all along!

It looks like that drug movement was put down by those involved in it being killed!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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