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Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Two Pound Soft Plastic Fishing Lure is about 1/10 the weight of a Car Tire 04 12 2015

A Two Pound Soft Plastic Fishing Lure is about 1/10 the weight of a Car Tire  04 12 2015

And that is what everyone on the lakes are casting.  Isn't that regressive?  Do we really want to be throwing car tires in our Lakes?

What does it due to a fishes reproduction to have that soft plastic stuck in its abdomen?

Are there big Wisconsin Companies that are involved in Plastics resins?  Senator Rob Johnson owns one and another is a major producer of plastic soda bottles.  Until only recently we learned they are harmful to human  reproduction and specific ingredients had to be banned.

However per the Regulations page 12 it appears that to have a lure made with leather in it is illegal.  Even though artificial lures made with leather have been sold in small jars for quite some time.

Now you can contact the DNR and ask them why it is that way however they will refer you to a highly paid scientist woman on the staff who has an India Indian name!  And you know right away you are going to get the double talk monkey lip.

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Does "doubletalk" really get its origin from a mentally defective person talking to you in your head while you are not at work and then mean to your face while you are at work?

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