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Monday, April 13, 2015

An Adult Male that has a fixation on a man can only be defined to be a homosexual 04 13 2015

An Adult Male that has a fixation on a man can only be defined to be a Homosexual  04 13 2015

 Pedophile was indeed the original word for homosexual.

 And I will assert that some homosexuals have homosexual cognition.  Meaning rather than developing their own mind of a man (or a woman if it is a female homosexual) part of their cognition comes from a member of the same sex (or in a different defined subset of gender identity a Lesbian homosexual desiring to have the cognition of a man.)

 So what I am attempting to flush out here is cognition.

 By the time a boy becomes the age of 18 he should have developed his own sense of self, personal responsibility and independent mind.  Any other cognition is likely homosexual.  The fixation on a man leading to homosexual ideation cognition.  And perhaps the fixation on a woman at the cognitive level leading to effeminate homosexuality.

 What else I see is a male that has been suppressed by a husky woman all his life leading a cognitive identity of fixation on the minds of men and or perhaps adapting a female cognition as a means of coping.  If he can't get away from being dominated by that he is forced to comply to it.

 Why doesn't Barrack Obama really want people to undergo conversion therapy?  Because it makes the person who has demonically possessed their soul extremely depressed.  His reasoning isn't because it is ineffective.  It is because he doesn't want you to ever get at the source of what caused that non standard cognitive identity.

 What we also see from the old psycho movies featuring the western star as the protagonist is that the adult male that has a fixation on another male is indeed criminal minded.

 And maybe we all start off that way with what I call a starter soul.  But we are expected to develop into individual human being cognitive identity.  We are expected to become responsible adults.  And not those who would deprive the person they have a fixation on of their own legitimate and normal human cognitive identity.

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