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Monday, April 13, 2015

Why they are not prescribing antibiotics??? 04 13 2015

Why they are not prescribing antibiotics??? 04 13 2015

They are waiting for something to develop that is highly contagious and deadly?  They are creating the conditions precedent for the plague?

What is the regulatory body that makes that decision?  Isn't that supposed to be up to the old country doctor?

It amounts to Doctors playing genocidal monopoly.  What if Doctors could not prescribe medicine for themselves but had to be prescribed by ....hmm what would be the end of this sentence that could make that work right?  I can't think of one.....Doctor's can be prescribed medicine!  That would be like taking the candy away from a spoiled baby wouldn't it?

Aren't we really developing antibiotic resistance because nontraditional farmers cows are pumped full of them and we eat that meat and other product?

A traditional farmer maybe managed 200 acres and perhaps worked his way up to all that he and his sons could manually handle per season?  They worked harder than they do today with seed that has herbicide and pesticide genetically encoded in it; meaning what you eat.

Some of us can easily taste the difference between what it is and what it should be.  Some of us can feel and easily discern the negative health impact!

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