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Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Problem of Non Utilizable Fat 04 26 2015

The Problem of Non Utilizable Fat 04 26 2015

You ever see a fat bear or animal die of a heart attack from overexertion?

But when a fat person diets they almost go into a diabetic comma because for some reason that fat stored in their body isn't utilizable.

So that is the nature of a problem that needs to be addressed from that research standpoint.

Fat being stored energy.  But that human form of stored energy doesn't seem to be utilizable?

Because of toxins from specialty chemicals in our body?  Fat cells sequestering them?

Or perhaps parasites and tape worms?

There is also lower abdomen putting upward pressure on the digestive secretion organs of liver and pancreas and making them not as effective?

Poor circulation from being spoon fed stolen ideas by the zombie television.

They were critiquing Dr. Oz, but Doctor Oz has the right mindset to question the medical community.

Now the body using energy requires a healthy cell mitochondria.  Are there chemical substances that shut down a healthy cell mitochondria and bind to receptor sites of it?  Without a doubt we are inundated with them.

And what did I read that in South Dakota they added Adderall to the drinking water because it made people feel better?  I didn't even look up that chemical!  Some hippie in Government has no right to taint your drinking water, that is a felony to add a foreign substance to food!

Okay one more point on water.

I never understood why they added fluoride to drinking water.  And I have heard every argument and know the basis for those arguments and I still don't get it.  But here is a little note of research that I came upon the other day, when researching arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis (means scarring, and my Aunt had it) and mercury and aluminum poisoning.

I am 48 years old and I couldn't stand it when we went to the aluminum can.  And I couldn't stand it even more when we went to the plastic bottle!

I can't find that piece of research I am looking for but it equates to the symptoms of lyme disease mocking the symptoms of MS.

Reference: (Prescription for Nutritional Healing, second addition, James F. Balch M.D., Phyllis A. Balch C.N.C.)  Specific book identification number ISBN 0-89529-727-2  Great book!  Don't care if you buy it or not, instead go get high on pot, forget to sweep your floor, blame everyone else and die in a accident from impaired depth perception of marijuana use.  They all approve of you.

And the fact that when two chemicals are added together in water they then readily combine in the body to produce something toxic.  And both those two chemicals are added to our water, one of them is fluoride.  And it was started in Nazi Germany.

I will have to look this up and re read from the original train of thought to be able to figure out what it was that I had discovered.  But I don't have time right now, I have to buy some bread to eat for breakfast. 

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