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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Bingo! Drug money laundered through Oil Company Financial Statements 04 05 2015

Bingo!  Drug money (heroin) laundered through Oil Company Financial Statements 04 05 2015

I believe this to be true!

Look at how Oil and Afghanistan Poppy (heroin) fields converged in our Persian Gulf Conflict!

Look at how suddenly we were able to turn on the spigot of oil production in the United States to be a net exporter!

Look at the role that War played in the French Heroin Connection in the article just before this one!

Look at how oil drilling startups issuing common stock are risky?  Risky as in just a shell company whereby the shares can be manipulated and the finance statements fudged by using one spigot one month and then not the next?

Look at how there was initial controversy of George Bush accused of insider trading in an oil business.

Look at how Barrack whose father was an oil man pretends to not care about the drug problem. 

Look at how the Federal Government (under Barracks tenure) has failed to enforce Marijuana policing!

And what were the Clintons involved in with Whitewater and Benghazi?  Somehow our media hasn't been able to hash out the facts clearly to the public.

Which brings me back to Charles Sumner's reconstruction plan for the south involving loss of statehood and England turning Canada over to the United States.

Look at how there was a conflict over Middle Eastern "Poppy" Countries for so very long with Russia backing one side and the United States the other?

What is the Cognition of a person whose parents were opiate or heroin users?  We already know that those involved in drugs are prone to conflict don't we.

Look at how drugs pass through Oil Texas from Mexico.

The gestalt of this reads true to me.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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