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Friday, April 10, 2015

Bingo Part II Drug Money laundered through Oil Company Financial Statements part two and Hillary Clinton 04 10 2015

Bingo Part II Drug Money laundered through Oil Company Financial Statements part two and Hillary Clinton 04 10 2015

So I was reading a little article in Investors Business Daily that told of how at first Hillary didn't vote for something concerning Columbia and then a few years later after she got a big contribution that was sourced from Columbia she did.

The Contribution being linked to an Oil Company operating in Columbia.

1.  That is where all the heroin entering the U.S. is stated to come from.
2.  Whitewater was what the mythical fountain of youth was said to be like.  The water so light that not even wood could float in it.  And what to heroin addicts look like?  They look like they have had their life drained from them!  So I am indeed making an assertion here.  That energy went somewhere.
3.  But the Clinton's were big in Arkansas.  Did the drugs enter through a neighboring state such as Louisiana, Florida or Texas?
4.  Why delete all the emails?
5.  Did the drugs come by plane into Arkansas?

The money trail reads that drugs were laundered through oil profits the contributions given to Hilary to look the other way as well as profit?  How many died from them?

I also wanted to make the comment about British Petroleum the former Standard Oil potentially being sold to Royal Dutch as being an opportunity for BP to also destroy all hard drives and erase the people trail related to the cleaving of the oil head well in the Gulf of Mexico.

But what are they really scared of?  The evidence leading back to fraudulent reasons for the U.S. engaging in War in the Middle East.  And Hilary knows what the truth is exactly in all these matters doesn't she and she is not telling us.

Imagine if you would a completely mad person without a human soul, being neither male nor female.  The first thing she would seek vengeance on in the world is a thinking male mans mind.  It would enrage her!  "Why am I different?"  "It is his fault."  No it isn't!

I got the idea of drugs being laundered through oil company profits because all of a sudden these southern clowns declared we are a net oil exporter.  The fact that Mexican heroin was laundered through a British Bank.  The fact that GB worked hand in hand with the NSA.  The fact that the London England interest rate was rigged in the U.S. mortgage crisis.  The fact that the former south has an allegiance to believe in female leadership; confederacy.  The fact that it is the Federal (Federal means Queen) Government that has put forth all of our Unconstitutional Federal based laws.  The fact that oil companies are highly speculative investments; which leads to fraud.

And look at the Clintons at certain times they are photographed as if they are deaths door and then very soon afterward they looked like they have drained the lives of babies or those who were poisoned on with heroin?

I believe this or I would not write it.

So if I was looking for a "marker" on my idea that drug money was laundered through oil company financial statements I just got it with the Columbia connection.  But our Government will never go after the people it should!

One more point if you look at page 11 of your 2015-2016 Wisconsin Fishing regulations it looks like Scott Walker has set the precedent of giving all of Northern Wisconsin back to Native Americans.  Thanks Scott what a rotten and miserable joke you turned out to be.  While you are at it maybe you can give all of Ireland back to the legitimate Irish who were displaced from it by the English?

They English are not really friends with anyone including the Initial Asian immigrants to the United States, more or less they are just hateful of men.

The English aided the Native American population in War against the colonists that lead to the Revolutionary War where the United States initially gained its independence.  What they don't like is Independence because if you are a genetically defective druid monkey worshipper you can't achieve it.  If you are a drunken peyote smoking Native Americans son you are also going to have a brain defect that prevents you from acting and thinking like a responsible man.  And it wasn't your fault!  I mean that!  It wasn't your fault!  That is why I am so against addictive drugs that cause brain defects such as mental retardation, dyslexia, ADD and so on.  It wasn't your fault!  They are Unconstitutional and a bad influence did this to you!

Do you ever watch someone work or think and you follow their actions and you realize that idiot doesn't even know the INTENTIONS it is following?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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