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Thursday, April 30, 2015

How can you send a man guilty of stealing a loaf of bread 04 30 2015 updated

How can you send a man guilty of stealing a loaf of bread  04 30 2015

How can you send a man guilty of stealing a loaf of bread into a gay boy drug freak prison without a gun?

That is illegal because it is cruel and unusual punishment and therefore unconstitutional.  And I don't really care what some 90% mental capacity supreme court judge has to say about it as being standard.  If that is what the most intelligent women in this country believe then they should have never been granted the right to vote; much less hold a position of judge on the Supreme Court.

That Presidential candidate named Carson declared that a lot of black men come out of prison gay.

So how does it happen?  How is a man converted to homosexuality in prison?  It is a vile female concept isn't it?  And then to make the airy assertion that it is normal?  You are filth and a crying shame in one!

Nothing illustrate the defect of cognition between women and real men more than this issue!

And yes it is my belief system that a man always has the right to protect himself from being effeminate via the use of deadly force!  Alway's and without judgment or being subject to the least of due process!  That is my belief and you are not going to get cute with me and force me to take a narcotic (psychiatric drug) because of it.

I know that a lot of you only got to where you are because of the network of family connections and it really shows because of your infantile personalities.

The standard should never be where can we place my spoiled daughter in a position of importance!  A world of men operates on right of passage, that means that you rise to the level of being a man by accomplishing what a man is expected to know.  Ie. You don't get to be an investment banker without the ability to type.  You don't get to be an engineer without ever once using a wrench to tighten an oil pan plug.  Get it?  When you leapfrog you do not represent the world of men but the world of the infantile minded queer!

Should a cold hearted apathetic dog faced woman that condones homosexuality ever be allowed to work in a male prison?  Never!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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So once in there Big Moe  crushes their testicles and the lack of testosterone makes them effeminate and more likely to be homosexually seduced?

I can hear her already that is just normal interaction.  No take it out of that context...view it as if it were the only punishment alone and it is cruel and unusual.  Now put it back in the context of being incarcerated with homosexuals and it is doubly cruel and unusual and therefore unconstitutional.  The person stealing the loaf of bread can likely be reformed but the Big Moe never can, so it is a waste of money and ineffective punishment!


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