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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Those who lack maturity have a higher mortality rate 04 11 2015

Those who lack maturity have a higher mortality rate  04 11 2015

That is a belief system that I formed as a boy.  I always believed it to be true because maturity being a sign of personal responsibility and therefore a safer person.

Don't know if it holds true as an adult.  But it is my belief system and it will always be my belief system no matter what.

It didn't hold true in the story of Cain from the Bible though did it!
It didn't hold true about Jesus Christ either did it.

But I still believe it is a good belief system and should hold true.

You could tell a very immature person to stop smoking and they won't listen to you.  And hence they are more likely to die of cancer.  However as in the story of Cain you might die first; cancer causing second smoke blown in your face by that which reviles in envy.

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