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Thursday, April 16, 2015

So Why did they bring black slaves here 04 16 2015

So Why did they bring the black slaves here? 04 16 2015

Why not just establish plantations in Africa? Does it have to do with Atlantic Ocean Currents? Ships coming with the wind to the Southern U.S. From Africa and then from New York back to England with the Current? Take both profits and products back to England?

In the War of 1812 the British burnt our Whitehouse down. Were they also then successful with infiltrating the South with slaves because our Union had been weakened? Were good people in the South displaced from lands when the Plantations and slave owners came in?

We know that the original Puritan colonist did not believe in heathenization and then enslavement.

I sometimes think of the movement of bringing slaves to the United States as a British invasion strategy? Why? Because of the pro drug hetheanization that they represent and support today.

Then the Germans were recruited in the South to beat the slaves? I basically think of Europe as being a long string of heathized Roman colonists. All the way to the druid, meaning monkey worshipping, pagan religion of England. To me that hetheanized strain or defective serotonin regulation gene was enforced by the Romans. To quickly point out how your Christian religions are all then fraud, doesn't an element of your human common sense believe that Jesus Christ should have really lived while the others should have died?

There is history of Black mothers in Africa giving their son's pot to calm them down. We know it causes delayed mental development worse that alcohol does. Was that idea promoted to them by the druid (monkey worshipping) British? Did that indeed make them more docile to be enslaved?

Did they attempt to put it in our Tea? Even if you are a Tea drinker today what you realize is that some Standard Tea's are completely no where near what they should be! You notice the difference just as you would if you used a otc supplement from a major drug store chain that had powdered grass substituted for the true herbal extracts.

Can we categorize all the violent crime in the U.S. As being committed by that mean Roman streak and the black people they have heathenized to be drug dependent like it was their mommas teet? Isn't that just how they view drugs, like a Queens teet! That is just their expression isn't it! Where are the black fathers? Not only that when bad things happen in black communities where are the good black kids to step up and step in and help the victimized?

That drug dealing element is propagandizing itself as an integral part of the Black Community. I can't stand that! The media is making that happen. I wonder if there are black people out their who hear of gun violence, hear the name and recognize it as the town thug or drug dealer or pimp and say a prayer of thanks to God of good riddance! That isn't what we see on television? We see them gathering in mobs when any single one of them, no matter what criminal record, is killed.

Ivy league college degrees essentially purchased for money represents that retard invasion force too.

What we are also propagandized with is that black and white people can't live peacefully together. That isn't true but our belief system is directed to that direction because the heathenized make it true when they victimize white people and the bad black people pushing drugs on the blacks and heathenizing and victimizing them.

Italian organized crime taking seats in Catholic Churches, brewery Germans and the Protestant Kings religion Christianty represent that retard invasion force to me too. Your pro Down's Syndrome and pro life Republican party represent that retard invasion force to me too! Is a pro life child more likely to have a developmental disability because the biological parent was a drug user? I would have to say yes.

The reason we hear voices in medical fraud is because all of these factions cannot think for themselves. Think about who they grew up and lived with? There are abundant “trauma blocks” in their memory aren't there!

And we are back to full circle here aren't we. Beating the slaves so that “trauma blocks” form in their memory and then they cannot learn. And what do they then have to resort to? Drugs! Like the Queens teet!

This is honestly how I see it and I have the Constitutional right to write it!

But look at how that economic invasion force gained momentum from that trade route. The south got stronger via it until they posed a whole enslavement threat to the entire nation including the North. In effect they were an extension of England. Just as the Divine Right Corporation is today! Divine Right is the equivalent title of nobility and it is illegal per the Supreme Law of the Land the United States Constitution. So what do we do when Congress has Unconstitutionally granted titles of nobility? They also would be bound by impeachments for treason of breaking the United States Constitution. Instead of directly breaching it in two steps they used three to make the trail less visible! And that right there is a good way to root out corruption.

Good by.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2015

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So back circa 1992 I had a stock trade not filled the way I told my broker.  I mentioned it to my English Surname friend whose uncle was the Chairman of Wisconsin's Second largest bank and he told me, "You know what the complaint department is don't you?"....."It is three n166ers in a closet."
And so that is what the voices I hear sound like today as they have for 24 years.
His sister worked for the FBI and he told me that they had a device that can remotely induce a seizure in a person.
So there it is, the biggest waste created in the history of the world.  Schizophrenia is medical fraud, the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of it makes it fraud!
If we conquered England somewhere in the annals of their monarchy records you would find out how all of this was planned as a strategy to conquer the United States?
That should be a required grade school history course in the future, England's Strategies for Conquering the United States.

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