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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Dumber they are the Faster they Grow 04 21 2015 updated

The Dumber they are the Faster they Grow 04 21 2015

The year was 1988 and I was working at a gas station to put myself through college. One of the dirt balls had a friend who showed up to visit him. And he told of a story of how he had sex with an English teacher while in Whitefish Bay High School. The story sounded like rape. This fellow also told of how he punched a girl in the back of a white van in the nose because she was upset and how it bled. He mocked how she cried.

I just don't understand George Bush no guns in School Zone law. And it stems from my belief that a person ought to be able to use deadly force to protect themselves against rape and or threats to their personal fertility. The logic is that if rape likely leads to sterility of a woman then a part of herself, an extension of herself has somehow been murdered. You truncated her family line at her! That amounts to genocide when it is allowed to happen on a broad scale.

I have seen dumb jocks carry women off to the snow banks to be sexually assaulted. I was a late bloomer in life and I learned that if you try and help you and up in the same dangerous fate as the person they are currently victimizing.

I believe that every single teacher has a right and duty to carry a handgun to school. The dumber they are the faster they grow. I have seen 5th grade children the size and strength of adults pose a violent physical threat to teachers.

I believe that anyone who has a family history of hearing voices should be allowed to carry a handgun to school.

That bad seed among us likes to establish a standard of forgiveness for themselves that is contrary to the needs of community.

Now there were some good Irish people that worked at that gas station too. One told me a story of how when he was a boy another boy was on top of a boy and sexually molesting him. He said he ran right up and kicked him in the nose and split it wide open! “Didn't the teacher do anything to you?” He shook his head and said, “Nothin,” as if the teacher approved.

Far different times we are facing today with private schools coming to fruition via the Scott Walker voucher system. Had that incident happened in a private school that Irishman would be facing far different consequences for his actions as the money and influence of wealthy parents would have protested and him likely get expelled for being a hero.

Now there is also an strong element of parents getting their children to qualify for learning disability so that everyone can share in the taxpayer money that is being granted to those families at the expense of the good.


I was going to make this next part a separate article but I am getting arthritis in my wrists so I will add it here.

“Mobile Cell Phone Psycho's”

The cell phone was a technological successor to the pager. And anyone who knew about the pager knew that they were sold in the poor parts of town. And that they were used to facilitate drug deals and drops between networks.

If you ever watched the old Clint Eastwood movie there was a psycho that made 'Clint' run from phone booth to phone booth and if he didn't make it there in time he said he would someone would die. That psycho was typecast because of his witches like chin? From my personal observation that chin trait is indicative of a pedophile!

Now some children don't identify with the protagonist fighting crime but instead they identify with the psycho! They want to be like the psycho! For some reason....

Anywhere you go today you will see someone talking rudely and obnoxiously on their cell phone. As if they are trying to verbally dominate an entire public domain that they are in!

Are psycho's created by parents that drink alcohol and use drugs and then have children? You can't tell me otherwise.

The funny thing about that movie is that after justice was served it became very quiet and one could hear the peace of the seagulls singing again; peace.

What did that cell phone accomplish? It upped the drug use to the point where everyone is addicted and wants to legalize it. In effect that would create amnesty for every bad person that every screwed with your child's mind and got them addicted which in turn caused delayed mental development in them.

So what am I really getting at? Perhaps cell phones should be banned. Also wireless networks should be banned to. Also when someone hacks your computer the operating system should tell you the exact address it is happening from and the police should arrive to remove all that computer equipment and perhaps entirety of personal assets for the crime of racketeering. What I am getting at is perhaps that person talking rudely on the cell phone has made some bad choices in life and they really don't want to be with the person on the other end of the cell phone do they? They want to leave an imprint on the public in the immediate vicinity.

Which really means that they don't have any reason to be there. Could be nice to a good person and ask them out to lunch with you could you, you had to team up with those who are detrimental to your well being and then attempt to indoctrinate a public domain in that very same way.

So the cell phone created the genetically defective from the drug use it facilitated.

That is how I see all this. I really don't care if you disagree with me.

I might every well take a time out from this writing. Someone else in this world can help carry the torch. It still should be the home of the brave and the land of the free shouldn't it?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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One more word on the pro-life movement and the 8000 private school sexual molestations by priests.  I think that the church has a mentally defective framework as to what the sanctity of human life means.  The children up for adoption being put up because their were drugs involved in the parents marriage that ruined it?  And they claim the sanctity of life while turning their should on 8000 cases of sexual molestation by Catholic priests, many of that amount leading to sterility?  Schizophrenia or psychosis is more readily defined by a belief system like that than by a person whose conscious mind is attempted to be dominated and victimized by heathen voices.  A heathen would have no desire to have children to raise himself would he.  He would forsake the concept because of a bad role model from his own mother or dominant female in the formative years of his life?  A heathen wouldn't want you to have your own children either he would want you to have someone else's.  Look at the conflict there.

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