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Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Harvest Homosexual 04 09 2015

The Harvest Homosexual 04 09 2015

A Harvest Witch is a woman in the satanic religion that all the men can have sex with as an “outlet.”

Likely created through sexual abuse by criminal minded (heathenized) boys/men.

So if she was “conditioned” to be that way then would they (satanic religion members) also seek to create a Harvest Homosexual. I have not yet come to believe that a whore is born that way.

Now one has to wonder how many foster care and adoptive children were “Conditioned” (abused) to become Harvest Homosexuals?

You are not going to like this next part. Homosexuality has been linked to a defect in the serotonin regulating gene. What do we know about gene expression? Things like sleep deprivation can turn genes on and off. That means intentional abuse can create a homosexual. When one is abused in the home they do not sleep for fear of the next time? But what it means is that abuse can create a homosexual and that their assertions about it being normal for them are true; because what your genetic profile is to you is normal to you! One defines normality by what it feels to be normal based on genetic expression?

If a parent (or other custodian adult) sexually abused a child and that child becomes a homosexual I believe the legal remedy should be capital punishment of of one or both parents or abuser. I also believe that absent the influence that caused the mal genetic expression as well as the justice served perhaps a persons genes can return to normality. (But that would be very unlikely to happen.)

Now I am getting into how unmitigated criminal activity lessens the gene pool.

Ever look at a woman and get a sense her “will” has been broken? That is the “sense” you get from a Harvest Witch? And she doesn't believe anyone can see it!!! Out of necessitated delusion she needs to believe that because she cannot escape the reality of being abused!

And you might like her for that very reason! But she wouldn't believe that you knew that and hence would view you as someone weak to victimize! Again an odd necessitated delusion so that she does not have to face the inescapable reality she has been “put to the test” in.

  1. She is dangerous because she doesn't think you can “see” she was put to the test!
  2. She want's to harm you because she doesn't like it that you see she was put to the test.
  3. She identifies with her abusers and supports her self esteem by abusing the innocent- you.

Is the son of a Harvest Witch more likely to be a Harvest Homosexual? We will never know. Because that isn't something our University System will ever attempt to tackle and those statistics will never be measured.

What is the standard for men by someone that was abused by men? What is the standard for men by someone who has never known the positive image of a man? They made a Harvest Witch out of her, “comsi comsa” she thinks as she unintentionally makes a Harvest Homosexual of her son?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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