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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Milwaukee Poor Black Communities 04 09 2015

Milwaukee Poor Black Communities 04 09 2015

Everyone writes to feel sorry for poor black Milwaukee Communities? But what no one dares say it that those geographies were once all white that were displaced by blacks!

Why should we feel sorry for black people when they populate 10 times more of a city when they initially did? Then they beg for white people to employ them?

You shouldn't be the ones who are complaining the white people who lost their communities and lives because of you should!

You ever see how scared a young white person is there? Their justified fear being wrestled down and funned by a gang of blacks?

When whites were there the communities were good? So how can you come to any other conclusion that the reason the communities are bad is not because of blacks living there?

Blacks appear to have no concept of planning to be a parent as a mature adult does? And the Religious fraud Conservative Republican Party feeds right into that doesn't it through the pro- life movement!

So why did whites move out? Because the blacks would not be subject to accurate justice for their actions as white people would, so whites gave up living there out of complete frustration and emotional attrition!

And we see a little tone of this in current police controversies. So far the liberal media sided with blacks because they have the same halo-type gene. What is the commonality to that genetic halo type? It's a funnin me and I don't care; fun you and you don't care gene; and nobody better defame us?

I side with any person that hears voices.

And you better not say the parents teach the babies to talk to men and women in their heads for fun!

So communist are terrorized by their own bad kind- how do you bring peace to them without capital punishment such as a noose was?

If black people are so unemployed how come their geographic communities continue to grow?

If a Eugenics movement got hold of he mentally retarded I would understand why!

When unemployed communities grow it means due process was too long for them?

A bad person envies and resents a thinking human mind and eternally mocks it? It isn't genocide to euthanize the mentally retarded, in my humble point of view.

How do poverty ridden black communities expand?

I heard this true story some 25 years ago. A black person raping a white girl on the shrub line in broad daylight!

How do you really believe that insolent mother feels about her son doing that? The father is likely absent quicker than the captain of a sinking Italian boat.

Somehow that black family who bears that bad spawn was befriended by a criminal white family in the white neighborhood weren't they!

Black people don't see it this way! “If you are so poor how come you had so many children?” doesn't apply to them! You created your own squalor and displaced us with it!

You could readily have that same squealer somewhere else! We built those houses not you! We built those houses for form communities not criminal breeding grounds dependent on drug use!

Perhaps if a man sires a bastard child and wont' father it, then all “3” are required to leave the United States. If black people want safe communities that is how they will be formed!

So who befriended the blacks in White Communities? Was it drug dealers and religion? With 8,000 cases of sexual abuse (likely of whites) in the Milwaukee Archdiocese that is a safe assertion.

Where does black motivation always seem to originate from? “We could be something if....” You have never had a good role model for civilization have you. And apparently you don't like any white people as role models for you. I doubt you even like Abraham Lincoln. White people view that as an infantile belief system.

A black woman reads this and her nostrils fume and she want's to put the person who wrote it on drugs!  I will always have pity for the son of an infantile minded black or white woman.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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