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Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Power to Inseminate Envy 04 19 2015

The Power to Inseminate Envy 04 19 2015

Penis envy doesn't go far enough as a label to explain the dynamic of the character.

How many child molesters are really envious of the potential power to inseminate of that boy?

It is a female jealousy just as Penis Envy is.  However Penis Envy serves as a layer or wall for you to really understand that it is really Envy of the Power to Inseminate!

So a woman is Envious of the Power to Inseminate.  She bears a son who is raised by her to have that same Envy of the Power to Inseminate?  And what does he become?  A sexual molester of fellow boys?

This archetype of a woman does not instill the Power to Inseminate in her son as a normal parent would, instead with her it is about teaching dominance or the power to dominate.

Any man of able body can get a woman pregnant.  But the Power to Inseminate has a greater connotation than that doesn't it?

Lets look at the definition of Inseminate.  Synonyms or how the word is used connotatively are to Instill, as in to Instill with knowledge.  To Enroot and idea.  To Plant a seed of knowledge.

In ancient human civilization who had the Power to Inseminate?  The teacher did didn't they and they were called a Rabbi!!!

Do some of us hear voices because women were impregnated without being inseminated with knowledge?  In other words neither the biological father or mother had the power to teach their own child anything?

Okay switching back to the literal meaning of the word.  Should males of mentally defective IQ level even be allowed to inseminate a woman?

As you watch professional sports on television do you ever see a hint of this construct in this article?  Do you see the gestalt of it or a bad trend?

Have you ever seen women that were jealous of a mans Power to Inseminate?  A woman like that would seek to make it mean something that didn't offend her?  Hence she would marry a man that could not teach her anything or even try to; a man that did not have the power to inseminate her.

But what would she seek to do to intelligent men that had the Power to Inseminate?  She would seek to drug them (psychiatry) so as to negate the construct from being a threat to her sense of self?


Have you ever seen a male or female not being able to comprehend how you learned something?  They are one level down from us aren't they!  Not only do they not understand how we can think for ourselves.  They want to wave everything that we think of off as nonsense.  Because we have the power to synthesize as the apex of analysis?  What does that mean?  It means that we have learned so much in life that we know how to draw conclusions without having to list or articulate premises.  Our minds work on a string of premises and we get to the conclusion extremely fast!  Now I am explaining to you what a Prophet is.  What it means to be Prophetic or a Prophetic thinker.  It means you are a normal human being doesn't it.  The part of a human brain that allows a person to think based on premise structure is the hippo campus.  Why?  It is responsible for the memory and learning.  The diseases that take a big hit to the hippocampus are mental retardation, Alzheimer's, other genetic birth defects.  I will add dyslexia (have trouble reading because you want to deny the meaning of words because of a memory defect, attention deficit disorder, can't pay attention because you can't learn by listening so you seek not to pay attention, probably aren't even able to remember (memory) that you should be paying attention.  Alzheimer's is the pinnacle of it isn't it?  At a late stage in a persons life they become violent because reality isn't conforming with what they want to believe it to be, in effect they and their families suffer horribly because they were willfully spoiled because of a brain defect and a lifetime of denying that brain defect with detrimental alcohol.  A block head right?  That is essentially a mean old man that has Envy of the Power to Inseminate isn't it!  Do you want such a man around your children?  Can we indeed create written tests that can define who has Envy of the Power to Inseminate?  Absolutely!  But that isn't how money is made from the tree is it!

I will assert that which sexually molests the body would also molest the mind and the converse being true; that which molests the mind with voices would also sexually molest the body.   Both of those are indicative of Envy of the Power to Inseminate!  I am making a unity of mind/body philosophy from a different direction.

The voices start up when you are thinking because they are envious of your power to inseminate!

So you are a female and read this and felt like you were completely left out?  Not indeed, if you are the daughter of a man who had the power to inseminate and a non mentally defective mother.  Then you indeed see it from the perspective as you being equivalent with a male that has the Power to Inseminate!  Better you see it this way than be on the other side in envy of males that have the power to inseminate.  I mean better to see yourself as a female with the power to inseminate meaning the ability to teach because you could learn for yourself than that which looks at Man as the non defective image of God in envy.

This is my belief system.  You can attempt to pick it apart all you want but it will still be my belief system. 

Does that which has Envy of your power to teach your knowledge want to see you hooked on drugs?  Yes?  Why?  Because it needs to believe it has the power to inseminate happiness in other people; that that power doesn't need to be based on happiness from achievement.  It is the Devil as a Salesman isn't it!  ("The Devil as a Salesmen" would make a good title for a story.)

Am I defining what I find to be a threat to the human species and why?  Yes.

They would like to define someone who thinks and writes like this with phrases like, "He has all kinds of problems."  That is really a wish of a belief system.  Again like the spoiled will of a verbally fluent pre Alzheimer's person?  I took one look at his face, how he spoke and the content of his speeches and knew right away what he was.

In the foundation of the United States it wasn't the mentally defective asserting Divine Right over a monarchy was it!  It was those with the Power to Inseminate asserting that those of Divine Right (unaccountability) were mentally defective.  When you are unaccountable for your actions it really means that you don't like people.  That you feel they human beings are a nuisance?  It is really an accurate projection of your self isn't it!  It is how you define yourself by how you relate to other people.  Now I am getting into falsely propagandized constructs of who is really social and who isn't, and that is another article.  But the conclusion from synthesis being that someone who hands you drugs (drinks) is indeed antisocial.  Lets see if you can fill in the missing premises.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 04 19 2015 at:

ps.  I could not write or think of any of this if I were on psychiatric medicine.  Are you glad it was written or not?  The voices have not wanted me to write anything like this for about 25 years now.  Envy of the Power to Inseminate.

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