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Friday, January 6, 2017

How to Revitalize the Grand Avenue Mall 01 06 2017

How to Revitalize the Grand Avenue Mall  01 06 2017

They seem to have tried everything and it doesn't work!

You want to revitalize the Grand Avenue Mall you put a Gun Store in there with a Gun Range!!

They should also do the same thing with the North Ridge Mall!

And you indeed have to maintain high standards of conduct at a place like that!

There also needs to be a fishing store.  Seems like the fishing stores all went away in Milwaukee when the shore fishing on Lake Michigan got bad.

When I was a boy there was a M&M Sporting Goods just off of Capital Drive on Richards, there was a Crown Sporting Goods, and there was a Spheris Sporting Goods on about 76th and Capital.  And they were all great places to go to shop.  Kohls Department stores and Sears had fishing lures too!

To be fair you really wouldn't want some low life drug user juvenile delinquent (retard) fishing next to you on shore or even in the same park as you.

Is mention of that word in that context a hate crime?  You will be very surprised when you find out what type of person is guilty of one of the most horrific hate crimes in human history; the mentally retarded being trained to cause schizophrenia in the normal!

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