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Monday, March 6, 2017

Diatribe Date 03 06 2017

Diatribe Date 03 06 2017

The biggest threat to American Capitalism is a communist country adopting capitalism and being far better at it than we are and waging war on us. How many of you would turn a blind eye while the corrupt where cleaned out of the United States?

Enough about Donald Trumps tax records I want to see his report card from school the year before he was sent to the New York Military Academy by his father.

What about Charities. Lets say one billionaire gives a substantial donation to the charity founded by the son and daughter of another charity and the billionaire father of the owner of that charity donates a substantial amount to the charity of the first billionaires son. They never have to work in their life because of the interest they earn and the charity management fee they receive from that what amounts to gift money.

They don't want you to see their tax records because of whose charities they have given to. Let me expand upon that concept a little bit.

Any women that drinks while pregnant and has a mentally defective child should be charged with a crime against humanity. While are they not held to the same standard of criminal intent as the rest of us? You do something bad to someone it is established that you had the intent to do it. You throw a snowball at someones head and you blind them in one eye the law says that you had the intent to blind them.

I have to wonder if someone's first wife drank like a horse while pregnant?

Now lets say you have what amounts to be a unified world religious organization, that is mired in lawsuits for sexually molesting children. They are a charity. They take a stance on a political issue doesn't really matter too much, but it has to be something morally compelling to negate the culpability of their satanism. Now you have a very wealthy man who 1. Takes that same political stance on the issue. 2. Makes a large donation to that Satanic religion and in doing so also promotes that other people should to. He has just very cheaply bought the best advertising and promotion for his political candidacy possible.

But look at the function of a private school being a charity. Do know what I come up with, “Welcome to the military academy Big D, see that gentile over there on cot number 13, you can do anything you want to him.”

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