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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Sanhedrin Really Is 06 21 2012

The Sanhedrin Really Is 06 21 2012 (meant to be humorous?)

I started to ask myself what is the true nature of the Sanhedrin who decided to kill Jesus Christ.  It is said that they were all powerful.

In the Dead Sea Scrolls and also the Bible there is vague and disjointed references to the one being cast out of the city as being the God of the city.  If you read it very carefully you see the intent of this language that indeed seems to be written incorrectly at first, but it isn’t.  I could give you exact line and verse but I will just write this and leave that for those who have more time that I do.  The Spirit of my time does not allow me to do the details.  The spirit of my time likes the details to be lose. 

But in the Dead Sea Scrolls the community law says that those who were decided to be in disagreement with the council were stripped naked and sent out into the desert on a one way path.  What is the dessert?  It is sand isn’t it.

Here is where I use my artistic license and a term that I created call neophyte homonym to explain how things are named.  A neophyte homonym is the language that Gods use to explain and also understand things when they are not in existence in the spirit could between earthly lives.  It is hard to explain but it often works this way.   A criminal mind will often try and distract an investigator by giving him the exact opposite information of what went on.  But no matter how the criminal mind tries to hide its tracks those who can read intent can spot the lies in his alibi and story.  How many times have we heard the defendant in our current Florida criminal case in the spotlight change his story.  Everytime the story changes in offers more insight into what truly happened.  As we ask ourselves what was the motivation for the story to be changed from and to and to and from.  And why does the initial story not hold water.  The bottom line is this criminal mind betrays itself no matter what it does.  Even if it trys to make up the most obscure word it ever thought of that word will be influenced by God!  Whether God is the spirit of the dead person he killed looking over his shoulder or indeed a universal God.  To explain it further I will give you a true story I once heard.  A man murders a woman and they can’t find the bullet and so do not have any evidence he did it.  Years later he decides to cut down a tree in the yard and the chain saw hits the bullet and the bullet flies into his chest and kills him.  The naming of things by those who are trying to hide crimes does not evade poetic justice either.

A long time ago in the dessert a man was cast out from the village.  The children they loved him but the parents hated him because he was better than them.  In fact he was demonized so that they stole his soul before he was cast out as per community rule:

“What happened to Isaih?” aksed the young girl to her mother.

“He left us and went out to the dessert.  You were there you saw it happen.”

“How come I can still hear him?” the girl asked.
“Because he drowned in the sand.”
“What do you mean?”

“Sand,” her mother said as she pointed out to the dessert.  She continued, “Drowned in the sand.”

“Sand he drowned.  Sand he drowned.  Sanhedrin.”

“Yes he drowned out there in the sand and that is why we still hear him.”

Jesus was accused of being the King of the Jews or the God of the Jews if you will.  He was also a pariah.  He was also powerful and I believe some might have even feared him on this basis.  Why else do  you plot to kill someone, a good man, unless they have power?  So the question I ask if Jesus a pariah was all powerful then indeed is the nature of the Sanhedrin the exact same nature as Jesus in that maybe there is not even an actual group of Sandhedrin maybe it is just the powerful minds of the outcast pariahs in our society that form the true Sandhedrin or Sand He Drowned.  I have a copy of the Gospel of Nicodemus that I will read to in terms of my understanding and perspective for more insight.

So indeed the Sandhedrin in our world might not even know who they are or what their power is.  And that is indeed a wry sense of humor isn’t it?  Sand He Drowned.

It is very hard to prove what is actively being denied as knowledge.  If you said the earth was round the church would lock you up.

And if this is all a natural aspect of humanity then there is no shame in being what we are.  And if there is no shame there is always equality.  And if no shame then we have peace.  …Until you send someone out to drown in the Sand Again.

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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