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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Revelation 13:3 and Zechariah 11:16

Revelation 13:3 and Zechariah 11:16

How do we know that Satan is likely mentally defective?

Because he received a death blow to the head that seems as if it heals itself however he is still termed the beast.  That is fairly clear enough!

We know that physically brain and head injuries can appear to be healed, however we also know that mentally it usually doesn't track that way does it.  A person has a stroke.  The outside of their head looks fine doesn't it?  However they cannot speak.  A person takes a concussion to the head, and the head has no outward signs of damage however mentally the person is suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury.   What is the Bible telling us?  What can receive a fatal blow to the head and then look like it is healed?

Revelation 13:3

 "I saw one of his heads as if it had been slain, and his fatal wound was healed. And the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast;"

What does followed after mean?  If you are following after a beast isn't the context that you are hunting it?  Or does it mean that all of the people of the earth are duped and follow the leadership of a person that has traumatic brain injury?  What does it say about the people of the earth when this Revelation is fulfilled?  It is just like what Trump said about becoming President, something to the effect of, "The people of this country are so stupid that I could get them to vote for me?"  That is not a direct quote but my memory of the gist of it.  

Personal note.  My father was in the Army.  My father was a good boxer.  When he was a boy he set up a boxing ring in the barn.  And he beat the h3ll out of all the kids in the neighborhood.  When he got in the Army he boxed a black man.  He told me that his head was like a bull!  What am I getting at?  I am asserting that when someone doesn't have their own soul they will goad you into a fight with them.  You could beat them to darn near death and it won't matter because the next day they will wake up believing themselves to be you just like the day before.  And if you kill them you will go to jail for it or potentially be executed.  The Bible is telling us that exact same thing about the living devil.  You could completely slaughter its head and it would somehow come back!  By the way Italy is got its name from "land of the bulls."  Sure I know what you want to say it means they have bulls there that they raise and run and all that.  But wait a minute?  Are not they the black heart of organized crime throughout the world?  A head like a bull?  It means that no matter what you say to someone you can't get through to them.  Like they had a death blow that erased any prevalence of human conscience.  Tell me this, how can all the horrific actions of Italian organized crime amount to anything other than that?  When you hear of the opiate crisis what do you think?  That the mafia doesn't make any money from drug dealing at all?  Don't be the one with the head like a bull.

Zechariah 11:16

"His arm will be totally withered and his right eye will be blind."

Very interesting.  It is the fate of the false Shepherd.  God is telling the people that he will take a sword to the arm and right eye of the shepherd who is not a shepherd and that the good are to replace that Shepherd.  That you will know the bad Shepherd because he has a withered right arm and will be blind in the right eye.  What does it mean to be blind in the right eye?  It means that the right side of your brain likely doesn't function properly?  And what is the right side of the brain responsible for in man?

"Attention, memory, reasoning and problem solving." 


God did indeed know what he was talking about didn't he!!!

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

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