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Monday, January 1, 2018

Strategy to win a Second Civil War in the United States 01 01 2018

Strategy to win a Second Civil War in the United States 01 01 2018

The heroin death epidemic 59,000 dead in 2017 could rapidly escalate into a Second United States Civil War.  So how do we put that drug problem down?

1.  Destroy all alcohol supply and production.
2.  Destroy ALL opiate supply and production.
3.  Ban all foreign travel and create a Navy blockade that will destroy anything that approaches our nation.
4. Euthenize the mentally defective.
5.  Declare all listed Corporations that have operated under limited liability as being owned by the State, all profits going to the state after a nationalized wage structure, if businesses are deemed to be kept.
6.  Destroy all tobacco production.
7 .  Raise all alcohol serving facilities.
8.  Restrict Government payments to those who have profited from alcohol or opiate production or sale.
9.  Declare Psychiatry illegal and place those who practice it under house arrest.
10.  Institute the Death Penalty for pimping, child pornography production, child molestation, and drug dealing.  Mandatory public executions by firing squad or hanging.
11.  Declare that all residents must surrender any alcohol or drugs that they have to a collection facility or face extreme prosecution for possession.
12. Grant families who have had a member who has been tormented by voices special privileges and domains.
13.  Immediately halt all Government payments to military contractors and current service members.  Military Contractors assets to be considered owned by the state.  Service members can have utilities for their homes and food rations.  But will not have money to buy alcohol or drugs.
14.  First initiate a National Alcohol ID needed to buy alcohol in order to track usage patterns, to know who will be the major violators.
15.  Make all known drug dealers of prior conviction and those who are found to have drugs in their system where an identification necklace or bracelet.  They will likely recitative and end up being a strong threat. With 59,000 deaths it isn't like candy it is like a Wiccan administered poison.
16.  Why target alcohol?  Because not only is it a gateway drug it is the leading cause of mental retardation which I assert is the equivalent or the precursor to the criminal mind and therefore the criminal person.

Now that ought to do it.  Nazi Germany or Confederate South?  You have to be kidding me!  In both of those horrors they had to blindfold the victims before they went into the underground railroads because the beast could see through their eyes and know where they were going.  And that beast does indeed see through the eye's of its victims that are labeled schizophrenic today.  No it is just the opposite of Nazi Germany or the drunken loser mean Slave Master slave beating Confederate South.

It will take an awful lot to break the will of something evil!

Am I bad person?  Is it a bad thing to want to bring peace on earth?  Peace on earth doesn't mean we are subjected to bend over a barrel to the rich or have our minds raped by those who can't form one for themselves.

© 2017 Thomas Murphy

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