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Monday, June 13, 2016

Christianity is the belief in Martyrdom 06 13 2016

Christianity is the belief in Martyrdom 06 13 2016

Let me draw out that logic to you.  Christianity is the belief in Jesus Christ.  To believe in someone means that you want to be like them.  Despite the belief system of the DSM Psychiatric manual which states that if you believe in yourself to be like Jesus Christ too much you should be forced medicated.  Do we force medicate everyone who wears a Michael Jorden Jersey? Should we force medicate everyone who wears a Jersey of  allegedly former steroid popping Baseball player Ryan Braun?  Perhaps we should!

However it isn't the belief that you should martyr someone else!  It is the belief in yourself.  Hence Christianity isn't really the belief in Jesus Christ it is the belief in yourself.  Believe in yourself to the point that the devil among us is so jealous it can't stand you!!!!  :)

It gets interesting because of the mass shooting in Orlando.

On homosexuality?  The Bible is clear about it.  The Bible is the word of God just as I believe our United States Constitution and our Second Amendment is!

Now this one is going to trip you up.  When is it okay for a man to love another man?  I believe that a man should love another man in the same way of the meaning of love as a father loves his own son.  Now lets clarify that a little because it reads gay to me.  A man should love humanity as a father loves his own son.  It is the meaning of righteousness isn't it!  And the meaning of that gets contorted because people want to view the words Love and Sex as synonymous.  (Do I believe that every adult male is really a man?  No!  Do I believe that homosexuals are men?  Sorry but I don't.  That difference means that you are less of one to me!  You are going to hate me for this next part.  Even though you act overtly responsible and mature, perhaps moreso than heterosexual men I still view you as less.  But in that same regard do I view some if not a great many heterosexual adult males as not being men?  YES!  What are they then to me?  Well there are men and there are nattering nabobs!

And how does a father love his own son?  He has the full faith in confidence of that son being able to learn for himself doesn't he!  Can a nattering nabob learn for himself?  Unlikely.

But to love other men as a FATHER LOVES HIS SON.  What does that mean?  It means you might say to them, "You drink any more of that and your going to get into an accident."  "You let your wife drink and smoke you are going to end up with a mentally retarded child."  "If you don't do this_____this is what could happen to you______ and the repercussion of it could end up harming me!!!"  So that is what I am getting at!

Let me assert this.  I believe that being a man means to love people as a father loves his son.  Let me try and articulate this a little more.  If I give someone bad advice what are the odds it will come back to affect me in a negative way?  Highly likely.  And I don't consider that superstition or delusion.  It has to do with creating the kind of world you yourself like to live in!  Do you want to create a world full of half wit monsters or one of responsible adults?

As yourself this.  Do you even have the presence of mind to tell someone good advice?  Do you even know why you think what you do?  When you point your finger at something do you do it because of your intellect or your own willful emotion?  One is a half wit and the other the former isn't!

To make a suggestion of what looks dangerous to you from your known experience.  And it is very hard to do because some people don't want you to tell them anything.  So to face that anger from them does indeed mean that you...

But let me be clear on this.  I am not a homosexual and don't believe in it.

I don't even believe in cohabitation of men!  Nor do I believe in having an army in times of peace.  Our Constitution, which I assert to be the word of God, doesn't either.  The way we get around having an army in times of peace is that Second Amendment.

Are some of our later amendments to the Constitution not the word of men or God?  Yes.  And it has to do with equality.  The wording is always very specific and the media and aristocrats love to contort it.  Is a Quadriplegic equal to  normal man?  NO!  Is a person whose brain is half missing, (a half witt at best) equal to a man?  No.  It states all men are created equal.  Creation here means a process of learning and developing!  It doesn't mention women.  We got where we are today because we legalized alcohol with FDR and some of those amendments were influenced by his wife who is alleged to be a lesbian.

But in Christianity what is the corollary to this belief system?  Love they neighbor as thy love thyself!

So should a half wit offer you advice?  No it is best that a half wit keeps its mouth shut and finds a job doing manual labor.  Rather than asserting that all weapons capable of being modified to full auto be melted down!

Do you ask yourself, "Is my belief system worth me being martyred for?"

Would you be willing to die because you had the belief system that everyone's gun should be melted down?  Plain and simple you don't belong in the United States.

Does it bother me that homosexuals grinding up together on the dance floor were shot to death?  No!  I view that the same way that the Bible does.

However, are some homosexuals demonically possessed to be that way?  I believe that is true.  But more than that I believe, as recent scientific evidence suggests, that homosexuality is caused by a defect to a gene that regulates serotonin in the brain.  And again back to FDR, what causes birth defects?  Alcohol does!

Our Constitution and our belief system was worth martyrdom!  But we were not martyred for it were we?  No!  We were VICTORIOS!

Back to equality. 

Why do some of us hear voices?  The answer is this.  Why do the crows curse the hawk?  Because the hawk is better and the crows know it always will be!

How do the half wits among us counter when we assert we are better?  They then assert that we are all really one!  Ein, Ein, Nazi Hitler was fond of saying.  Oneness really takes the concept of equality and screws it up to mean Communism doesn't it!  We are all one essentially being communism?  But it wasn't a true form of government was it!  It was really the aristocrats putting those who did not have a belief system in themselves to work in labor camps!  And the ones who did have a belief system in themselves?  They had their tongues symbolically cut out by psychiatric drugs!

Other philosophies I need to share with you.  What is a Professional Athlete?  It is an adult male who is going to need a coach all his LIFE!  Is that really a man?  No, a man thinks for himself!  And today he is someone whose tongue they want to symbolically cut out by psychiatric drugs!

But lets clarify this belief a little better.  Should a man attempt to be a father to other adult men?  No!  It is a way of thinking like a responsible adult.  Instead of a role to play!  It isn't a character to play.

The problem here is that the world is full of half wits today because of alcohol and the mental retardation it causes.

So a half wit is blessed by the holy spirit of a real man or son of man from across the globe somehow.  It really means the half wit retard is really a thief?  Why?  Because he isn't thinking for himself because he isn't capable of it!  All he is capable of doing is pretending to be an image of the holy spirit of a man.  Does that oddity take the form of homosexuality sometimes?  Yes.  But more to the point what is that form of thiefdom?  It is the worship of false idols which is also forbidden by the Bible?  Should a homosexual ever be allowed to be idolized?  I say no!  Why again?  Because I don't believe that is a belief system worthy of martyrdom.

It is kind of like this.  You want everyone to be responsible and mature so you don't have to face problems because of a prevalence of half wits among you!  So to love people like a father loves his son isn't homosexuality.

Could your son ever do something so horrific that you would want him to be executed?  I believe that could be true.

Now you hate me for it already don't you!  You say, my son could NEVER do anything I would execute him for.  What if he killed his normal loving mother and your wife?  What if he did things so horrible to people that you couldn't mention it?  At what point are you willing to draw the line and say he wasn't equal to the rest of us or men?

So is this massacre in Orlando going to be used by the nattering nabobs to attempt to bring forth more Gun Control.  Barrack Obama already stated at the beginning of the year he wanted more gun control.  The boy whose father left him became President and want's to destroy the very fabric of manhood our nation was founded upon!  It was his stated intent!  So look at how what happens next after his declaration follows his intent.  Is that a belief system you would die for?

Religion is defined to be a belief system.  How do you believe that human  beings should be able to defend themselves against those who don't want them to believe in themselves?  Would you die for your belief system of not wanting human beings to believe in themselves?  I am getting at the crux of something here that is weak minded aren 't I!  I am getting at the real nature of gun control!  The weak minded have no belief system of their own to die for.  Hence they are highly likely to commit suicide via the use of a gun.  And the fatherless among us want that to be prevented from happening! 

But is it a mans job to think about what other men are doing and obsess about it?  NO!  That isn't a man either!  Should a man comment on every single thing another man does!  No!  So when should you?  When there is immanent danger?  Most of the time we say to ourselves so and so probably won't get in too much trouble if they continue on in ignorance.  And if they do it isn't my fault but the fault of them lacking a legitimate father.  All of the worlds problems are not ours to solve individually.  However broad changes so that the half wits are not created would solve most of the worlds problems!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
Originally published on 06 13 2016 at:

Imagine if you will a tribal type woman who dreams of what the hunter in her tribe does?  She imagines where he goes, where he walks, where he hunts.  She thinks she is one with him.  But she isn't.  Would a hag like that not want a man to be able to hunt?  Would she want to disempower men?

The United States was not formed by aristocrats!  In fact when they came here they were told either you work or you don't eat!  They didn't have the skills to work then just as they don't today!  So indeed we get entire megaindustries in the United States where the nattering nabob don't have to face the consequences of being irresponsible.  It is called limited liability.


And what is a Half-Wit?  Wit is the German/Belgium word for white.  I know this because I used to brew beer.  So a Half-Wit is only a Half-White person!

Are the English Half Wits?  They burnt down our WHITE HOUSE in the War of 1812 didn't they!

Now I could indeed form a list of likely genetic half wits, in terms of a homosexual genetically likely to be a half wit.  Someone with mental retardation definitely a half wit!  Some who has very strong verbal ability but not very intelligent being a half wit.  The Roman's (modern Italians) all likely being half wits.  The question to ask is who initially heathenized the Romans?  The answer is that they were evicted from Jewish Gardens (villages) and in mercy not killed!  And they came back to haunt the Jews and heathenize them!!!  A parable of when mercy comes back to haunt you is needed?


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