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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Diatribe 06 01 2016

So I read that one in 4 High School boys has mental retardation. Eventually somehow that will equate to 50% of our population? Which would be ~150 million?

The other day I read in the paper that 5% of the United States population has fetal alcohol syndrome. That would equate to about 15 million of us.

But then I asked myself how many people would that be if our nation had 80 million in it as Nazi Germany did? That would be 4 million.


So I was sitting in a German restaurant today and I started to think about alcohol in Germany. Alcohol is a very profitable business. 90% of a local grocery store chains profits come from alcohol an Italian man who had connections in New York once told me. ( I don't drink. The waitress had a lisp', neural tube defect from alcohol? And the owner walked around like he had the temperament of a fat woman. But that is besides the point.)

But in Germany leading up to WWII there was a temperance movement started by women teachers who had lost their patience trying to teach the mentally retarded. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere today. But a lot of German Americans identify with that Aryan type idealism. But they also like their beer. Part of that Nazi movement was indeed eugenics. And the mentally feeble were targeted by it. It really doesn't matter what race you are if you are mentally retarded from alcohol. So there is a contrast there somehow. How come the Germans didn't do anything about alcohol is the nagging question? You claim to want to stop the mentally feeble from existing because you euthanized them but yet you somehow didn't go after the source of that retardation? With all that Nazi Science how come you didn't know that alcohol caused mental retardation?


So at some point in history white people with red hair got that hair because they were crossed with a black person. In fact the English killed many Irish men and bred the women with black men. That is indeed horrific eugenics.

The German surname Roth means red. That was my grandmothers who suffered from hearing voices too. Per my research Edom which was a country below Judea got its name because the baby boy looked like he drank from a red pot? Edom very phonetically close to Eden.

But what am I getting at? What if at some point in world history the Jews were bred with the blacks too; against their will as the English did to the Irish? A lot of Jews have red hair. And the ones who have dark curly hair have about the same face as those with the red hair.

But when in history did that likely happen? We know that they lost their patriarchal lineage at the time of Ezra. Which means that they cannot trace their roots back to a common ancestral father and have to use the mothers DNA in the mitochondria to trace it back. Everyone either male or female shares their mothers DNA in the Mitochondria.

Or was it a long time before the time of Ezra? Back during a time of Edom??


I am asserting that those demonic voices that are disabling normal people do indeed come from the mentally retarded. It is one of the largest medical frauds in world history.


So I do indeed think racial thoughts every time I go to the Walmart in the heart of the city of Milwaukee. Such as:

“That black mans eyes are pot stained!” Do you know what I mean? The eyes have a redness to them and look sleepy?

Then I thought this I wonder if there is a white supremacist out there somewhere who has a tattoo with Bob Marley on it that say's “I killed Bob Marley.”

“Your problem is that no one in school could tell your fat mouth to shut up!”

"You're butt a$$ed stupid and mean because of it!"

“Every time I whack off a pair of Hollywood freaks is getting a divorce afterwards and there is a tabloid story about it!” So much for pretending to be something you aren't in order to get ahead in life and have a happy life?


So my mother needed eye drops. She paid $75 for them. I asked the pharmacist how much cheaper would the generic version be.

“We would have to run the insurance again.”

“I thought that you might have a memory of how much it would be from prior transactions? You mean that the insurance company sets the price.”

“There are thousands of him,” he curtly said.

“That is ridiculous.”

“I agree.”

What does it really mean? It means the insurance company is setting the price of your drugs in order to manage their profit margins!

It means that the insurance company has the power of life over death of you if you can't afford a medicine? What does that in effect make them? Your overlord! That's got to stop!

I just want them to leave the United States! That is all I have to say.


Who did Adolf Hitler go after first? He went after those who heard voices? Schizophrenia is the biggest medical fraud in world history, the voices are real and horrific however the cause of it makes it fraud. Did he really kills Sigmund Freud?

What was Freud's theory? That the human soul is essentially divided into three parts. He is really stating that every human being is a schizophrenic to begin with. Every single one of us who hears voices knows that isn't true!

So what does Freud's theory cover or mask? It hides the influence of Demonic Possession on a human beings mind from becoming common knowledge.

So the other dichotomy here is that Hitler killed the schizophrenics first who were victims of demonic possession by the mentally retarded from alcohol. Alcohol being the leading cause of mental retardation. And Freud indeed helped that process by hiding the influence of demonic possession by effectively stating that the human mind is split three ways to begin with.

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