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Monday, June 20, 2016

Inventions Needed: Handgun Blowback Design 06 20 2016

Inventions Needed: Handgun Blowback Design 06 20 2016

How much return and recoil spring would be needed if the blowback of a .45 was based on there being a cylinder behind the barrel whereby upon firing the barrel cylinder moved backwards and compressed air in the aft cylinder; and perhaps vented some out a small hole.  Whereby the air pressure takes up the shock rather than metal on metal.  A small return spring could be used.

So indeed the recoil pressure would be divided between venting and a smaller recoil spring.  The cylinder system could mean less parts and therefore more efficient operation.

Also a system could be integrated into the design where every time it is fired that gas from the small vent hole cleans the firing pin and chamber!!!

The vent holes could also be strategically placed to cool the barrel and barrel shroud.

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