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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Television Personalities are: 06 18 2016

Television Personalities are:   06 18 2016

1. Self centered
2. Immature
3. Childish
4. Impish
5. Shallow
6. Caddy
7. Talentless
8. Snotty
9. Spoiled
10. Brat like
11. Ignorant
12. Fatuous
13. Opinionated without reason, conscience or logic
14. Mouthy
15. Rude
16. Impatient
17. Curt
18. Abrupt
19. Blunt in order to hide lack of comprehension
20. Queer
21. Odd
22. Controlling
23.  Verbally manipulative

Bottom line.  If you want to get fat and worthless just sit and watch and listen to them!

But a lot of you are fat and worthless and unable to change so perhaps that is the best place for you to incubate until death.

But step back a second; isn't that true of every successful person in the United States today?


Off topic.  If Putin were an American you would not think he was contemplative you would think that he was punch drunk.  Also because of his pausing a lot you would assert that he was estranged.  The definition of estranged is; deferring from the original possessor.

But who defers from the original possessor more than anyone else?  Someone who tortures!  Such as the Jewish nation of Israel!  Deferring from the original possessor (Estrangement defined) and torture walk hand in hand.  Do I have some Biblical proof to back me up on this assertion?  Yes there is a passage that states Jesus Christ was perhaps the only Jew who wasn't Duplicitous.

Duplicitous?  It means two sided.  So one side defers from the original possessor doesn't it.  Hence estrangement.

Now to be fair.  If you are all bad you have to defer from an original possessor to get at least half of you to have a semblance of good?  What happens to us when those in power no longer even want to be half good?

So where do they get that second side from?  It is torn from the minds of human beings that hear voices in the medical fraud of schizophrenia.  The symptoms are real and horrific however the cause makes it medical fraud.

If we were a smart nation or world we would add that list to diagnostic criteria in a psychiatric manual and use it to disempower them!

What you don't overtly realize is that television personalities are the figure heads (gargoyle's) of the entire media industry.  Read the above list and look what is protecting corruption!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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