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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Playing by Ear 06 29 2016

Playing by Ear 06 29 2016

Someone who play's music by ear has no odd pauses; no matter how small in that music. You will be able to notice the difference when your playing by ear versus someone who was sheet music learned.

That sheet music learned person has an element of them “Holding their breath” pauses in it; whether they are playing piano, guitar etc.

You can feel it! It is like they are not one with the instrument, but resent it and were forced to play it??? The pauses or music feels as if it has “Holding its breath in it.” There is also an added brain process that must be present, comparing what you are playing versus how it was meant to be played (sheet music learned) versus comparing how it sounds to how the rhythm is progressing (by ear)!

It is unnatural and illegitimate!

This is an extension of the ancient argument made in favor of  Acapella singing over that with a background band. The band hides the lack of talent or divides it! But to be fair, no one likely wanted to listen to the same privileged rich kids singing in ancient times and being forced to believe it is better? To note that there is illegitimacy in singing quality too.

What did you do with the real artists; you didn't just eat them did you?

The timing is mechanically paused versus rhythmic.

And what do you have in the mechanical pause; the sound of the thief seeing if his story is right and consistent?

It is something that cannot be hidden from someone that hears in perfect pitch! And I would indeed argue that everyone is supposed to be born hearing in perfect pitch!

What you feel is “We better wait till this well practiced kid is done playing before we get up and leave because if we don't we wont' be maintaining pretense?" Pretense being you holding your breath; so it does indeed transfer right to the audience in a worse way. Pretense being pre- Tension? And nobody really likes pre-tension. But very few of us can live and express ourselves naturally without pretense? Meaning what we say, act and respond to something is always true to ourselves. And indeed there was a bifurcation in pretense during Prohibition in the Speak Easy? How do you believe our highest ranking politicians speak to each other when they do not have to maintain pretense? About like low life bar whores and jug heads right? And you feel that pre Tension every time you turn on the television set don't you! You feel the mean things they would like to say to the public but are biting their tongue not to? And indeed if you look very carefully you see it on the expressions of their faces too! And what does it amount to? Illegitimacy!

When Non Acappela arose it can be considered the first historical evidence of mental retardation?

So what inspired me to write this? I was listening to a man play the piano in the hallway of the Federal Building in Milwaukee. It is that blue building. His music sounded so good and natural that I thought he should record it. I wondered if he had any CD's out. But I talked to him about it because he was with our Photography Exposition group. When I shook his hands they were hard as rocks and felt like sandpaper. He was a construction worker. He was playing by ear.

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