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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Can a person have such a high level of THC in their blood that they can be deemed a drug dealer 03 29 2018

Can a person have such a high level of THC in their blood that they can be deemed a drug dealer  03 29 2018

I think that concepts time has come!  That level of THC in your body is so great that it would get 20 people high!  That person should be deemed a drug dealer.

Are not their actions, and doped up behavior consistent with the business marketing of that drug?

When you see a professional athlete on television talk in poor grammar do can you not say that they are also promoting drugs?  That person is so stupid they are the equivalent of a drug marketer because they are so successful?

What does it mean?  It means this person has so much drugs in them that that level of drugs is consistent with the amount a drug dealer gets declared being a drug dealer for and is busted for.

Now just like Congress can set the value of foreign currencies Congress can also set that level of drugs in ones body to say what is a defacto drug dealer and what isn't.

And the concept then needs to be broadened in scope to alcohol.  That person has so much alcohol in their system that they can be labeled someone that sells and markets alcohol.  But they do not have a license to do so.

Now getting even more serious.  Should someone who is a drunk or alcoholic (or addicted to ANY substance or on a psychiatric medicine) ever be able to have a license to sell you alcohol?  No!  Should someone who has an IQ that of an imbecile ever be allowed to sell alcohol or work (in any way) at a facility that sells alcohol?  No!  Sorry Billy Bouncer Baby you will never have that to fall back on in life!

See I would have really liked to post this on an alcoholics anonymous sight on Facebook but that isn't going to happen anymore!

Should a recent immigrant be allowed to sell alcohol, someone that can't even speak English?  Someone who really doesn't care that their children can't traditionally learn English?  No.

Should someone with dyslexia ever be allowed to hand someone a free beer?  No!

People want to say that someone like me is incoherent, someone that thinks in black and white, a racist.  It isn't true.  There are valid reasons why I don't like the people I do.  Don't ever deny a person the right to have a highly valid reason not to like someone.  To do so is organized crime veiled in religion.

White collar organized crime would like to say that someone like me is so confused that they have no right to express themselves.  What they really are saying is that they don't want you looking down on them because they have more money than you do and didn't earn it.  A criminal does NOT earn money no matter how hard they work in life.  A person engaged in Organized Crime could chop wood for 23 hours a day 7 days a week and they would still  not be earning money!  Do you see why?  Because they are profiting from crime.  Which means they are impoverishing someone else in some way and doing it illegally.  I do want them out of Gods Country.

Go back to Russia where they all speak a language that evolved for those with a Vodka Slur.

Good day.

© 2018 Thomas Paul Murphy

How many television shows or movies can be deemed to have illegally marketed narcotics in the United States? Bottom line, after you watched that movie or televsion show did you say to yourself pot really isn't so bad?  Did you say to yourself look alcohol helps Al Pacino think?  Did you say to yourself Audrey Hepburn is cool and witty because she smokes?

Which brings me to old movies that were paid for by Cigarette Companies?  Shouldn't they be required to be labeled that before being shown?  This movie was paid for by XXX company.  It was Cancer causing Tobacco propaganda!!!  I mean get real!  It should be that way.  But you have no more integrity and intelligence in this country to accomplish that then you have a 7th grade dropout in a haystack of organized crime porno whores?  Okay not the best articulated ending, but that's it.

And perhaps all money made from television and movies propagandizing narcotics etc should be taxed at 100%.  Perhaps someone that owns a library of movie rights that they bought will no longer be wealthy.  Amen to that!  The idea here is that we have to invert the system to make the honest wealthy man get to heaven and the beast not get to money heaven on earth.

I don't want Drug Dealers as my neighbors!  I don't want Drug Dealers living on the wealthiest mansions on Waukesha Lakes either.  Who would vote with me on that?  Who would vote for me?

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