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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Defects and War 03 25 2018

Defects and War  03 25 2018

I am of the mind that if we get into a ground War in WW3 we put those born defective or in a wheel chair on the front line first.

You know, that guy in the wheel chair who is benefitting greatly from equal rights and displaced a son of man from a job in investing?  Put him straight out there on the front line because he has so much talent!

Those Special Olympic Athletes we are all supposed to be jubilant over?  Right there on the front line!

The guy with Cerebral Palsy?  Right there on the front line.  To defend the economic War he helped create by creating an economic imbalance in the United States due to the higher cost of accommodating his privilege to be considered equal.

That brewery worker or micro brewery owner?  Right there on the front line with those he created in Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

Oh how about those singers on television that really don't have any vocal talent?  Right there on the front line.

Millionaire football players who talk like migrant laborers?  Right there on the front line.

You can't honestly expect that a normal son of a normal man should have to go fight WW3 and die for people like that?  You can't expect someone to sacrifice there good son for that?

What abut the drug dealers and pimps in prison?  Is that good son supposed to go and risk his life for theirs?

If you don't see it the way I do, don't worry there is nothing wrong with you, I have yet to meet anyone who see's it the way I do.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Is there anything in the Constitution that could prevent this from happening?

One more fine point.  Per our Constitution we are not to have an Army in times of peace.

So lets say that someone was in the service in what was not a time of War.  They are dishonorably discharged, for the reasons people are dishonorably discharged.  Then we have a draft.  Presumably they are not eligible for the draft?  Also because they showed they could not serve in the military you would not want them back in.  The point being do you really expect a normal family to sacrifice their normal son for the benefit of those dishonorably discharged from an Army in times of peace?

What saved us in the Revolutionary War?  Guns and the best most capable ones we had.  And what did they save us against?  Likely a version of all of the above.  AKA British.

You never noticed that British blue collar works all seem to speak with a speech defect indicative of mental retardation from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?  You think those British soldiers that attacked this country hundreds of years ago were any different than that?  You believe they were nice normal people?  Read your Declaration of Independence; they were complete scum!

One more scenario.  A man chooses a career in the military, does his military service and retires from the service young.  Likely less than 30 years old.  He indeed economically benefited greatly from that service at the expense of the general taxpayer.  And he chose that career.  Then we get into a War and there is a draft.  Should a normal son be drafted when it can be said that individual already has all that military training?  If you disagree with me on the issue I don't believe you are a man.  Lets say the War is one caused by economics.  That military serviceman benefited greatly from being compensated by the taxpayer, so it can indeed be stated he contributed to the cause of that economics based War.  I say he goes right straight back in.

What about a military brat?  Someone that went to military school to be an officer?  I say you put them straight on the front line so that our Country benefits from all that military talent! You did indeed imply that they had military talent didn't you?  Why should they play chess with the sons and daughters of normal men and women in a Theater of War?  That is like the definition of a parasite to me!

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