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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Interesting Story on an Indonesian boy who was a chain smoker 03 25 2018

Interesting Story on an Indonesian boy who was a chain smoker 03 25 2018

Here is a fact that I didn't know.

"Nicotine can increase the endocrine hormone in the body," pediatrician Dr William Nawawi added. "This condition can cause resistance to insulin. The blood will not be able to break glucose from food..."
It takes an Indonesian Doctor to assert that?
How many people in the U.S. have diabetes because of their parents second hand smoke in the house?  Now you want to tell me that those parents really loved their children?  They were not intelligent enough to love where they!  I mean get real!

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The story is titled, "What ever happened to the chain smoking 2 year old."

Presumably the same tobacco companies are operating in Indonesia that are operating in the U.S.

It begs the question of the legitimacy of their legal defense in the United States.  The gestalt is along these lines.  They are only good in the U.S. because they have to be?  The punishment given to them by our legal system really didn't deter them from doing the same thing elsewhere?  Which means what? A new legal concept here?  Re-sentencing when the criminal entity does not truly repent after being found guilty?

But that isn't the trend today!  With alcohol ads on television and the drive to legalize marijuana.  Will you see all the regulations on tobacco fall to the wayside too?  You know that they were put in place for a very good reason?  But for some reason the validity of that has been stomped on.

A saying goes something like this.  "I would like to see that and the horse it rode in on gone."

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