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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The courts got it right

The courts got it right!  That is what Scott Walker said after all the trouble he caused over his bill.

It is analogous to when Martha Stewart said, "I just want to make my salad."

He didn't say the Judge, he said the courts, to not imply that his actions took him before the judge, or that he was adjudicated for wrongdoing.  The courts got it right, not the judge.

His next move was to discredit the judge.  And the paid for by taxpayers or parties of interest are running that commercial about the judge?  Why aren't they running a commercial trying to get rid of the courts, oh because he said the courts got it right not the judge.  Wait the judge made the decision and she was the court???  What does Scott believe in?  Does he believe that the courts that got it right is not the court that got it right is not the judge that got it right?  Scott you say they got it right, this would mean you are done with it.  But then the commercials about the Judge.  Do you have the ability to see into the future at a time when a different court or second court gets it right meaning your way?  Scott we need clear and transparent communication from you.  I can read what you implied some kind of Witch Boy foresight, like you are begging to be right when you were wrong.  Like you are standing in the future and see a point when that Judge is no longer there.  Scott where do you think that judge of the courts that got it right is going? 

I did like that Scott said that all children will learn how to read by the time they are finished with the third grade.  And I like that he volunteered to read to them.  The press just happened to be there when he was doing it so therefore it was free publicity the taxpayer did not have to pay for.  Wait we do have to pay for it because of the exorbitant Cable TV fees we pay while HD television flounders because it is considered to be only the PBS the Public Broadcasting Station, you know the one with the EDUCATIONAL TYPE programs the Republicans want to eliminate.  Once they eliminate PBS the only option we will have is the $200 a month cable television is more crooked than the mafia and has wrongly shaped the values of the United States in the wrong direction to the point where children can't read.

What was your plan to get every child to read before they are finished with the third grade?  Granted I believe it should be studied as to determine what the best way to teach children how to read is and implement it.  And also there will be children that do not learn to read in the traditional manner and to teach those children how to read the teaching staff will have to determine what the impediment is that prevents them from learning in the traditional manner and implement an alternative method to teach them how to read based on their impediment to learning how to read.

 The next step would be determining what their specific impediment is to learning how to read, and to do that research would have to be done or looked up so that the teacher could be prepared to quickly be able to determine what the impediment is.  And children with a similar impediment might even be grouped together so that they do not feel like they are different.  As people learn in different ways.  Some people learn like thieves do.  Some people learn to impress.  Some people learn to become smarter.  Some people learn out of curiosity.  Some people never learn to learn at all because they are scared of failure.  Some people leave school at three thirty and don't think about what they were taught because the atmosphere in the classroom was unproductive, distracting and one of fear.  Some people can not learn because they don't have proper nutrition.  Some people can't learn because of allergies.  Etc.

Everyone would like to see an ordered classroom of students who are paying attention and listening respectfully to the teacher who gets it right.  And respectful of the rights of other students.

Scott, I sincerely hope the courts are not done with you.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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