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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weight Loss Overnight 03 26 2011

The quickest way to lose weight overnight is to sprinkle those red pepper flakes on a single large slice of cheese pizza.  These flakes burn their way through your intestinal track overnight.   Because the meal is made of stringy like cheese it is constipating and takes longer to go through your system and the effect of the peppers is released over this greater period of time and is therefore more effective.  You will wake up thinner.  You will also be more tired because of the process but that is part of your body’s natural balancing process and after you have lost the weight you will have extra energy because it is not expended to do the work required to carry the extra weight that you just lost.
Another way to do this is to eat food that has mayonnaise on it.  Invariably the mayonnaise that sits on the kitchen counter while the illegal aliens cough on it all day will give you a case of overnight stomach cramps and dysentery, and you will expend much energy over night as you toss and turn in pain.  I avoid mayonnaise like the plague- THE PLAGUE.
It will also help you digest food better if you do low strain crunches before bed, the goal being to flex the stomach muscles and those around your inner tube float area.

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