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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Illegal Aliens 03 24 2011

Illegal Aliens 03 24 2011
When the Hispanics that came over the boarder form Mexico can no longer find work, history will likely to be rewritten to say they were brought to this country as slave laborers.  Then we will hear them saying that they should receive reparations.
The other night I was at a nationally franchised gym and it was full of blacks.  They weren’t working out just lounging about the machines and taking up space.  “Son’s of Jet,” is what I call them and they know exactly what it means with me having to explain without ever having personally met me.  These were wealthy blacks from the affluent suburbs that surrounded Nicolet High School.
Should history be revised to say that all blacks were scrambling to get aboard the ships coming to America from Africa in search of opportunity to earn an honest day’s living and receive a modern education?  Should we give all the Gold of Fort Knox to the Federation~ we already have and more.
Some blacks saw themselves as victims and therefore joined the satanic race of wealth creation. 
Is it appropriate to label all nonworking class as being of the feeble minded satanic race?  The affluent and nonworking classes really do nothing for the betterment of the country.  And I really don’t think that they are capable of it.

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