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Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Influence of a Satanic Race on the Office of the President of The United States of America in my lifetime. 03 06 2011

The Influence of a Satanic Race on the Office of the President of The United States of America in my lifetime. 03 06 2011
Kennedy: The Satanic Race blew his head off.
Nixon: Outright criminal.  But lucky for the country he was impeached or made to resign. What is so glaring about Nixon is that he set the current standard for criminal misconduct in government.  And what is even more glaring is why we were not able to impeach Bush?  Here is why because he got us in so much trouble that we got in a war with terrorism.  In effect Bush the Republican agenda got us in a war that necessitated them to limit our rights and prevent us from speaking against Bush, sounds rather convenient, almost like how you would expect a dictator to use as the start of genocide.  Even if you say it wasn’t planned you have to agree that this type of problem that occurs when you give responsibilities to an imbecile or elect one to a position of power in government.
Carter:  They portrayed him as a weak minded peanut farmer who did not understand foreign policy with regard to oil.
Dukakis: He was labeled, “an invalid” plain and simple. (And I can hear the idiot saying he was never president.  I know what you think already so please don’t waste my time. (Candidate is the proper term)
Reagan:  They publicized him as a brilliant man for being an actor from movies and television.  Reality, he consulted a “Witch Doctor” for his government policies.  In other words the Satanic race.  Why didn’t anyone revolt then?
George Benson: Candidate VP: He was mean to Dan Quail because he corrected him.  An outrage to speak suchly to him.  How come our greatest generation had nothing positive to say about George Benson for this?  Where the majority of the good ones faithfully buried in a War Cemetery, it would appear so at that time.
Clinton:  They got their hand in this one somehow, through the influence of culture or demonic possession.  Jail bait blew him off so that no one would respect him.  Why?  So that he did not start implementing progressive progresive programs that threatened their method of wealth creation.  They made him an example of him, “If you think against us you will face great humiliation!”
Gore:  VP and Candidate for President:  Painted as the “Tin Man” a coward because he was pro environment.
Bush:  He was cherry picked by the satanic race and that is when we really started to slide.  Why?  The reasons are too numerous, lack of oversight leading to irresponsible government and therefore the notion that less government is better policy sums it up.  The rest of the world cried foul.  Think of the twin towers as redundant thermometers gone because the public was not able to elect a man who had warm blood running to his brain at this time.  And the desert snake war followed.
Kerry:  He won but the satanic race denied him the Presidency.  What happened next?  911 might provide a clue as to the errors of our foreign policy.  Do you know how we can sum up our foreign policy over the last 50 years?  It has amounted to oil versus our Constitution.  What was the Constitution?  The greatest statement made in the recent history of the world regarding the rights of the human race.
Barrack Obama:  What do they have on him that we don’t know about?

The current ploy of the satanic race is an attack on our education system.  Why?  The Satanic race only learns and seeks to profit from a psychiatric torment you will never learn of at your doctor’s office.  But is in the Bible.  Satan reads men’s minds through the process of demonizing and destroying them.  As such Satan was raised to be soulless. His/her mind is like an antenna that waits for the signal of thought.  Satan- that signal of thought is longer reaching you, instead it is a wire connected to the back of you satanic brain, “A cable TV wire.”
When speaking of the affluent and wealthy a police officer told me some 25 years ago, when there were good police officers, he said, “They had a little help.”
God Bless Those Who Are Enlightened and Therefore Deny Help to Those they Know are Evil

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy
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