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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A questionnaire- Government Politicians; what are they lacking?

A questionnaire- Government Politicians; what are they lacking?

1.      What fundamental level of knowledge do you feel a Government officer should possess regarding structures based of concrete and steel?  What should a government officer know about the different types of concrete before competing for office?
2.      What fundamental of working knowledge of electricity as it relates to infrastructure should a politician possess before competing for an office that serves the public?  And what should a politician know about the demand for electricity in his dominion of service?
3.      What fundamental knowledge of human health should one have and how do you feel this relates to intelligence?  What are the future monetary costs of not having a principal understanding of this?
4.      Do you feel there are any dangers to alcohol and tobacco?  If so what would you state them to be?
5.      How do you feel a government officer serving the public should be fined for betraying the public trust?  What do you think that it means to betray the public trust?
6.      What fundamental knowledge do you feel someone campaigning for public office should have regarding what makes a good educational system?  What do you feel makes our educational system better?
7.      How should one develop foresight with regard to the changing demographics of a population in order to develop jobs for current residents?  And how can one ensure that when they writing a check with taxpayer dollars that current jobless residents of the population served will be hired and not tag along workers from out of state.  Is there ever a case when bringing jobs in from out of state displaces workers in the population governed and makes for a worse economy?  How can it be made an effective policy to bring in workers from areas not of you dominion served, in other words what are the benefits of this?
8.      Throughout Western History what Government officers are the ones who were more contemplative rather than subject to impulse based thinking?
9.      Do you feel a Government officer serving the public should reflect on his decision making process?  I.e. Do you feel that it is often very hard to try and think about what the reasoning is for the others side’s opinion?  If you were to state the others sides opinion based on your knowledge of it would they agree with your characterization and insight with regard to it?
10.  Do feel it should be a requirement in public office to have an in depth understanding of the insights of a contrary opinion?  Or can such contrary proposals just be brushed away because they conflict with aspects that are of the policy of those who funded your successful political campaign?
11.  Do you feel that compromising in terms of policies that you create really means that your ideas are going to be eventually scrapped?
12.  Do you feel that analyzing the talents and skill levels of your current unemployed “pool” of labor helps a government officer make better decisions with regard allocation of taxpayer dollars?
13.  What do you feel are the key tenets are of accountability, when managing the taxpayer’s money?
14.   What would you have done differently to prevent Mercury from contaminating our water supply if you held a position in Government 50 years ago?  Do you feel this is an issue today?  If no, do you see any trends analogous to this that you feel require action today?
15.  Who were your role models in Government that shaped your desire to hold public office and why?
16.  Do you feel there have been any Politicians that lacked these skills and why?  And more to derive a truthful response, do you feel there have been politicians who would have been a personality better suited to being a fruit loop glitz and glamor television news show broadcaster?  If so who and why?

Thanks’ in Advance

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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I will be emailing this to Walker, Barrett, Stone and Abele.  I doubt any of them have the courage to read and answer these questions.  But if you do I will post it here for you and you will gain more respect and exposure than you might think just for taking the time to answer these to the best of you ability.

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