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Sunday, March 27, 2011

There are two types of Republicans 03 27 2011

There are two types of Republicans 03 27 2011

There are the second and third generation wealth Republicans who often lack substance and feel that having money makes them right about everything.  These Republicans are more afraid of anything than losing their status as non-working class.  Why because they lack insights with regards to the most basic skills and also they do not like to take orders.  They have been annuitized to ignorance.
Then there is another type of Republican.  This type I first became aware of when I was in college because they absolutely loathed a friend that I had who was of the first type of Republican.  The second class Republicans seemed to represent more of working class attitude. They became livid at the sight of him even though he is the accurate representation of the Republican Party.  My friend and I, the first type of Republican, were at a party once and they taunted him, the second type that is, they wanted to beat him up.  There were more of them than there were of us.  My friend wanted to go out the front door to avoid them.  I said we are going out the back door and if they want trouble they are going to have to deal with me and we did just that.  I lead the way and walked real slow and looked them straight in the eye as we passed and they did not say one more taunting word as we left.  It was as if they did not want me to believe that they lacked knowledge of practical nature.  As if they were saying to me, “We are not dyslexic like he is!”
The problem with the second type is that they are subjected to the money and policies of the first type.  It makes me wonder why they are Republicans at all because they loathe what has empowered their political party and yet they remain blissfully under their veil.
Well also say that there is a third type of Republican who is more of a lamb to the political party because it gives them some sense of status.  They are also swayed rather easily by the blunt way the current Republican regime expresses opinions. 
President Abraham Lincoln was perhaps the greatest President this country ever had and he was none of these.

Can you tell a good man or woman by the fact that either they respect yes men or they loathe them?
I never really did anything great by blindly agreeing with others.  
If someone tells you to walk up a one legged latter and you fall and break your back what good does that do for anyone?
If you obey and unlawful order and torture terrorist and then destroy over 200 years of integrity that the United States built for itself, what good does that do for anyone?

As a matter of fact most of the, we will term it, “negative respect” I have gotten was because I disagreed with someone of strong opinion and won.  And, after I won, it was reluctantly agreed to by them, that I was right and it was for their own good.  The policy of being argumentative has cost me many friends, careers and health, but I refuse to be a sycophant.  This implies a belief in God.  Why, because the result has been agreed to be good things for those who do not like me, by those who did not like me.  So therefore let God be my only judge.

Let truth, morals, fairness, genuine concern for others and equality be your tenets!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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