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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Successively Higher Profit Shareholder Banking in its current form has already Failed 05 02 2015

Successively Higher Profit Shareholder Banking in its current form has already failed 05 02 2015

A shareholder based bank needs to make higher profits quarter after quarter in order to maintain a competitive credit ranking and ever increasing share price.

That has failed!  Why?  Because they have already resorted to criminal activity in hopes of maintaining the delusion of competence!

1. Fraudulently rigging the London Interbank Offer Rate in order create a Mortgage Crisis.
2.   Creating derivatives that drained public pensions of their money of!  Put this in context with Scott Walker also limiting the ability of teachers to negotiate better contracts and it looks even uglier!

So the question becomes how do you get the money into the hands of those who can use it to sustain our democracy and human species.  I really don't see any way that you could ensure that honest and capable people are put in those positions.

The ones who start hearing voices immediately after college are indeed where all the honest and true American cognitive talent resides!  And I do believe that anyone in that category should be able to walk into a bank and receive a suitcase with $1,000,000.oo cash in it without having to sign anything at all.  And I am not talking about stealing.  How much did the chairman of one of the nations largest banks make in a year?  Something like a billion dollars.  A billion is how many millions?  A Billion is one thousand million.  1000 people receiving a million a piece could do far greater things for this economy than any son of as socialite drinker ever could.  And sure there would be people that we could not hire and would have great difficulty training and would have to fire.  But that is how it is today anyway; only all the jobs went overseas because of it.  But if you started with good people at the core of the economy, those who were victimized in medical fraud by voices because they had human cognition...then you could rebuild the nation.  Some of us could safely put a car up on a hydraulic garage lift when we were half drunk and some of us will never be able to do that because we were born half drunk.  There is a big unrecognized difference.  (Could I do that today with the voices distracting me at the opportune time to cause a catastrophic accident?  That would be more stress than the human being was ever made to handle.  I wasn't born to nurse the mentally defective upon reaching the age of manhood.  And that which believes it has learned from that method really hasn't; so they of no lasting benefit to our economy or the race.)

So back to my $1,000,000.oo a piece.  Sounds like a giveaway or stealing to you?  Would you pay a man 1000 million dollars to rig the mortgage rate, create a financial crisis or derivative contracts to drain public pensions?  You already did.  I want to call you dumb clucks but one isn't supposed to offend a reader?

Todays average joke of a son believes when he picks up a baseball bat, glove and team shirt that it is like he is going to work in life.

Now that is the more overt criminal structure of the banking system.  What you don't see is that every brokerage in effect trades against their very own clients with the short sale.  How the public investor is scammed by the expense accounts, high salaries and lack of competence in pooled investments: mutual funds, etc.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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And what I wanted to say here is that there is no way for the Gov to make a budget cut to the banking industry in order that it becomes on the level like they are doing at the University system?  And I am not sure the cuts to the University system will make it a better place, more likely than not it means the worst of the pirates still remain on the ship.  Was Walkers attack to the education system really aimed at those teachers who refused to false grade higher?

Because open market forces have resorted to legalized crime in the banking industry we need a Gov function to root that from the system when it occurs.

Wealth redistribution plans might some day include parking all the confiscated foreign luxury cars at the County Stadium behind locked gates while they await redistribution?

The money function controls the economy and politics and Gov does not control the banking system because they granted themselves autonomy in conjunction with the repeal of Prohibition and WWII?

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