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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Can Scott Walker specifically name one Washington Elite? 07 21 2016

Can Scott Walker specifically name one Washington Elite?

It is like a narrative where he makes up an enemy and then declares himself a hero against it?

Wouldn't you love to see a Psychiatrist or Police Officer ask Scott Walker who exactly he is referring to be Washington Elite? “and Scott are you able to name one of these people you are referring to?” “Do you know you are just denigrating the name of one of the founders of the greatest nation in world history when you say that Scott?”

And would Trump be able to fire such “Washington Elite?”
  1. What happens when he starts? Would he be able to fire even 1? If they are that bad as they say it means they have the power of organized crime! So in effect we have a high level Wisconsin official denouncing our Government? You can't purchase a firearm if you do that!
  2. What happens if Trump starts to fire many of them and the list of those he fired is long and growing? A. The connected press will put bite marks in his hide that he isn't going to be able to shrug off? B. If they are that bad they have the power of organized crime; and they do!

Trump usually see's who doesn't belong but only to the point he can make a political gain statement about it otherwise he is complacent and condones it? Witness allowing Newt Gingrich being allowed to speak.

And what does Pence really believe about our Constitution and the informative media? They create weakness and again “Our enemies” feed on that weakness!

It is always “our enemies.” What do you know from personal life experience about someone who is always telling you about “our enemies.” Usually it means that person is really your enemy and leading you into a lot of trouble? They make enemies for you! They like to put you between them and someone else so that they can become better friends with that someone else?

I really don't like the gestalt of Gingrich speech either, it boils down to this, and they all stuck to this tone too, “If you don't allow an LGBT person to bend you over a barrel ...the Secret Service should come to your house because you are in effect threatening a Police Officers life?”

What is all of that? How did that illegitimate bastard nattering nabob get to where he is in life? Am I afraid of any of his declared enemies? No I am afraid of the illegitimate like he is! That is what I am afraid of! The illegitimate! Hitler too was illegitimate family lineage, an inbreed, and the first people he went after where those who hear voices. What comment did nattering nabob Gingrich start to make that his focus would be on something that had dominated his thoughts for the past two decades. Newt Gingrich the illegitimate was a pro life bastard! But Donald Trump can be stated to be illegitimate too! Why? He was raised by a military boarding school not his own father. It fits the definition doesn't it? If you are not raised by your own biological father it is the same thing as if you were a bastard sire! But look at this a little more closely! How many of these illegitimates claim to be of royal blood or lineage? So the question is to you want an illegitimate bastard to be sending you off to a war to fight those who do not accept homosexuality as normal and abhor the cause of mental retardation and illegitimacy Alcohol?

The illegitimate are everywhere! And these are lifetime cowards who don't want you to know that they do not have their own human soul and are therefore dependent minded to the thoughts of those who do, who are indeed stigmatized and labeled schizophrenics!

So they stated Donald Trump raised those kids? Does writing a check for a boarding school mean you raised your own kids? The self delusions don't get any greater than that. I write that as I read how his daughter said he always answered the phone when she called as a girl. How sad is that! So what else does Donald Trump have wrong with him? Dissociative disorder with regard to forming loving relationships with his children?

Did I just prove via valid premise string that all children who are sent away to boarding school are illegitimate? What does it really mean? It means that your father and mother loved something a lot more than their own children! Can't get more horrific than that!

But wait one more roundhouse type punch here. Scott Walker was raised by a Father who was an Alcoholic. Doesn't that really mean his father “wasn't there!” for his childhood? And what does that too make Scott Walker? Illegitimate!

There is an old Latin phrase we need to translate to plural and apply here, “We can't let the bastards wear us down!”

A politician that makes up an enemy and then declares himself the hero against it is illegal per the United States Constitution as "Creating civil unrest"  and it is also treason when they focus the publics energy on other members of our government?  But what does that really amount to?  One rotten fruit who shouldn't be there pointing out another rotten fruit that shouldn't be there!  So indeed that is the start of progress? 

So why doesn't Scott name any names?  Because it is a network and once one person loses their job the phone calls are made like falling dominoes until that politician has to retract any and all statements he made for fear of losing his too because he broke the mentally retarded wealth code!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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