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Thursday, July 14, 2016

In order to create a true and more productive economy we need to break the cycle of 07 14 2016

In order to create a true and more productive economy we need to break the cycle of 07 14 2016

"My high school coach wasn't too smart and he was crass like me, maybe that's what I should be?"

From what I have heard people like that do not integrate very well with the rest of the School Academic Faculty.  They sit by themselves at lunchtime.  Also one could say that all odd sex crimes that happen in a school by faculty are caused by that exact type of person?  People like that crowd out the good in a school faculty by creating unneeded conflict and stress.

No teacher should ever have to put up with one athletic teacher saying to an academic teacher "This child can't take the exam today because he has a sports event."

Let me illustrate the point a little further.  Could the High School Football Coach also have the responsible nature to run the shop class safely and productively?  I doubt it!  It would degrade to "I have some different samples of wood I have to show you again today."

These are people who have a bad attitude and are therefore unsportsmanlike from day 1! So some how we need to test for that and eliminate it from our curriculum.

They resent the smart students because they are seeking an academic based career and have the means to achieve it!

And what type of male is it that seeks an athletic career?  It is a prima donna that wants everyone to watch him playing for a living!  And they have no guilt whatsoever.

So are people with mental retardation and strong verbal ability known as Wilson's Syndrome on average bigger than the average person?  Those with Cretinism are bigger and also have mental retardation?  You can hear the cretinism it in the dull emotionless voice?

Now a guy knows what a jug head retard looks like but on average we fail to spot the jug head woman and what she often looks like?  Maybe it is out of the kindness of our hearts that we overlook it?  But what affect does that have on the valid productivity of our education and economy?

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