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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Do you accept this sacrifice for the good and glory of all this world 07 12 2016

Do you accept this sacrifice for the good and glory of all this world  07 12 2016

1.  Wait a minute; to accept or participate in sacrifice is a Pagan belief!  Yet they say that at every Christian mass!  That makes the Christian religions veiled paganism!

2.  But what else is that?  It is the indoctrination language of initiation into organized crime!  ~"Here have some of what I just stole!"  ~"Now you are a thief too!  Not only that I will beat you up (persecute is a better word) if you tell on me!" "Now I am going to ask you for a favor too sometime!"  We just don't need to put up with that filth do we?

So I read that the Police Force in the United States was formed by those capturing run away slaves?  The Irish were initially slaves here too?  But isn't that also the language of the Police Code? "I am breaking the rules a little here.  But you stick with me or the team on this and you will never have to worry about anything."  Actually that is about the language the female FBI director gave concerning her wanting to not accept a new recruit that had a physical disability!!  So it is there too isn't it!

But what man needs to sacrifice in order to live and prosper?  We get to be men by leading a responsible life and developing ourselves to be moral and responsible people.  So what type of adult male is that?  One that doesn't have a mind of its own and never will!  One that has propagandized Schizophrenia to be a medical illness rather than demonic possession by the envious mentally retarded! (Genetic or alcohol based.  Likely alcohol might create a gene defect that runs through many generations after the initial DNA insult.  Once that DNA is gone it isn't coming back is it?  Its not something you can take!  You can't sink your teeth into a human being and get it from them that way!  (Ask yourself why Cannibalism and Cannabis have the same root word!  To be very blunt were those who were observed smoking cannabis also found to be cannibals?  I would bet science can prove that rather conclusively!"

First take the drugs and then participate in the sacrifice?  I find that horrific!  But I am only one person in a world of 8 billion that thinks that way!

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