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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Why does God have to promise us that our bodies will be restored? 07 02 2016

Why does God have to promise us that our bodies will be restored?  07 02 2016

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When you read the link doesn't it read like "God" is going to kill and eat you or that in some way you will be absorbed into his body?  And he states your body is full of corruption?

The only reason you make someone a promise like that is if you have worked them to the bone?  OR, They were born lowly and birth defective and are complaining to you about it?  Or if your mentally retarded child lamed them?  Isn't that our national insurance business/gov?  So here indeed we see the insurance violates the separation of church and state in the Constitution!!!!!!   Maybe he fed people something that made them sick?  Like alcohol?  Did it happen when the Judea wine presses rolled into Israel?
  The more you read and think about it the more of a false promise it seems to be?  But if you don't have your own mind then there is no identity to be restored into a body is there!  So it holds true doesn't it!

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