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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Serving Alcohol at a Christian Mass is a Pagan Mockery of God!

Serving Alcohol at a Christian Mass is a Pagan Mockery of God!

God hates the alcoholic, the alcohol user and the mentally retarded Fetal Alcohol Syndrome children and EVICTS them!

That is the first message in the Bible the word of God! Forbidden fruit that God told Adam and Eve not to eat can be none other than Fermented Fruit with high Alcohol Content!

God brought Adam to the Garden of Eden! He brought him there to work! However once Adam took the Alcohol he was indeed EVICTED! God could not have someone working for him in Eden that did not listen to him on something as dangerous a matter as that!

How much crime was there during Prohibition? Wasn't it like 90% less!

The Muslims do not believe in alcohol! As you see the Bible is anti alcohol from the very beginning.

What makes the Christian religion a criminal mockery of God? They serve alcohol at every mass and use the terminology that unless you drink it you are not one of us! Unless you eat the flesh? Not only is that a mockery of God it is implied cannibalism! And what do we know about Cannibals? They too have mental retardation from a genetic defect in the brain linked directly to cannibalism!

Instead of using our own memories we should all just cry instead because Satan who cannot form its own memories doesn't want us to remember!

But what else is a Pagan Mockery of God; those of us, children of God, who have our minds tormented and tempted with voices; also stigmatized with the label schizophrenia.

If you read that Bible correctly it is the mandate from God to evict any and all users of the forbidden fruit, alcohol, from your communities.

Legitimate Man was created in the image of God in every way, including brain structure.  Those who are not created in the image of God have visible physical birth defects as well as brain deformations from alcohol.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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