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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Part II You never hear a Catholic Priest State This person will not be resurrected because their lifetime of crime amounts to a

Part II  You never hear a Catholic Priest State  This living person will not be resurrected because their lifetime of crime amounts to a denunciation of Jesus Christ as their savior!

You never hear them denounce the dead for criminal behavior either!  If the belief in Christ meaning belief in what he believed in was so important then you would!  But there is another distinction they just want you to believe in the name Jesus Christ!!!!  The sales pitch the Christians will give always just wants to believe in his name!

You will also never hear a Catholic Priest denounce the dead for a life of criminal behavior that was an admonition of Jesus Christ.  Why not?  Because they want those funeral dollars!!!!  And indeed some of the worst criminal filth in the United States have gotten the largest funerals haven't they!  I no Priest with even a fraction of a human conscience could stand for it!  So what must they be?  Genetically brain defective?

And it comes from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  About Prohibition?  You could buy a watermelon from a black person in a truck let it sit out in the kitchen for a week and it would ferment and taste like the best Whiskey do you ever had in your life!  So how do you stop it?  Through abortion of the sins of the flesh!  There would indeed likely be enough alcohol content in there to KILL you!

So because priests have not admonished the criminals of our society does that imply guilt towards them?  We already know it is true from the tens of thousands of children that they sexually molested!  So is it like hiring in Corporate America whereby if you are a member of a certain race you are in quickly?  What does the evidence really point to?  They are looking to hire the biggest creeps they can possibly find!

Let me take it a step further wouldn't you like to hear a Catholic Priest guilty of criminal conduct stand at the altar and state that he will not be resurrected and his body will not be restored because his actions in life were NOT consistent with a belief in Jesus Christ.

Now here is where they always do some fancy two stepping and sidetrack your counterargument by saying the beauty of this is Jesus Christ died for the sins of humanity!!!  Which really means you don't have to believe?  But if you do believe???  ....If you believe put money in the hat?  And doesn't that amount to Baal?  Or ruler ship by BAIL which historically means that if you commit a crime just pay your way out?

So I was reading about an ancient city that sounded like Catholic to me.  I will have to research that because it might be historically important as to the origins of Catholicism.

Now what is really going on here?  You admonish the dead criminal husband in church and the wife won't come?  But not only that you will be cursed out of your mind and likely driven insane by her (Spaghetti Monster God?)  Very few men among us could ever withstand all of those voices demonizing them for being a man and human being!  But it is likely easy if you were born with fetal alcohol syndrome, you just go along with whatever they tell you to do?  Soak it all up like a sponge sloth.  Doesn't that make you the Devil's minion?

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So England was a foundation of the Roman Empire.  So your Christian/Protestant religions are in on it too.  In fact it is all likely directed from their?  But what are English Lords?  They are members of a Seven head of a hydra that missed a key brain development stage in their life responsible for independent thinking or rather the human soul.  But how and what am I talking about?  Jesus was tempted by demons in the desert.  That is exactly what happens to people who hear voices and are labeled schizophrenic in medical fraud.  The symptoms are real and horrific however the cause makes it fraud.  Jesus tells us what happens when a spirit of a demon is exercised from someone, he say's it goes out into the desert and finds six demons to help it?  And Mathew tells us what this metaphor really means or how one is formed.  And you will love the little bastard sh1t the way this sounds.  "Only the father knows who the son is and the son who the father is unless a son decides to tell a friend."  So that first friend is indeed the second member of the hydra?  Get it?  And that is what English Lords are!  And because they missed a key brain development stage they are also likely queer!  And it is likely that they don't have the gene present any more to meet that development stage! 

Humor:  So what do you do when you get a bad Watermelon?  Take it back to the nearest black person you can find for a complete cash refund!


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