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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Newt Gingrich just implied we should hire the Secret Service to protect our Police Officers? 07 20 2016

Newt Gingrich just implied we should hire the Secret Service to protect our Police Officers?    07 20 2016

He started off speaking like a drunk then shook it off.  Then made some comment about something dominating his thoughts for the past 20 years.

But as I stared at him carefully I started to look at his forehead.  What did I see protruding there?  Two horns!  No lie!  Look for yourself!  There are two raised horns there!  It is very subtle but they are there on the front of the forehead!

I actually believed that Trumps oldest son who owns the vineyard was going to get up there and sound like one of those mouth breathing dracks or hugonauts or whatever type of zombie that is.  But what does it tell you when Trump fixes Government projects that fail in New York?  That those wine barrel rats out there bilk the Government because they hate the concept of it!  And therefore they like people like Newt Gingrich who want to get rid of Government.

Ted Cruz didn't directly say to vote for Trump and that made Trump sad?  But first Cruz say's we need to build a wall then he say's how his father came to this country with $100 sewed in his clothes?  He wouldn't have got here if we had had that wall he wants so bad.  So that isn't really being true to himself is it!

And what about Mike Pence?  What did he sound like?  He sounded like glitz and glamor big money religious preacher without substance!  He sounded like the captain of spaceship that was a complete flake.  As in, "This isn't working and I don't know what to do about it, because I shouldn't have been chosen to be captain in the first place?"  He has already proven himself to me to be someone I am not going to listen to.  But I don't listen to the radio or television anyway!  Actually I like to listen to songs I made on my own Cigar Box Guitar that I made.  I also published it on CD baby if you are interested.

And what does Pence look like?  He looks like some old grandma with a cold faced witches tit attitude.  So Trump believes Pence will give him the Irish vote? 

And he mentioned that Trump is pro coal.  And then they appealed to the oil interests in Texas.  Listen our clean water act dictates that there should be no mercury in our fish.  But why doesn't it matter to these people?  Why don't issues like that matter to them?  Because they are mentally retarded already and desperately attempting to hide that fact!  The more mental retards there are in this world the merrier people they are! "Say la vie (sp?)"  Such is life.  And "I'll pinch your rosey cheeks if you get to smart with me."  that is about what they are.

But as I listened to all of this and the non issue of Ted Cruz not getting down on his hands and knees and praising Donald Trump I had to ask myself this question.  And the American public then had to listen to the fatty boombalatti from New Jersey chastise Ted Cruz for it.  And then the cud chewers of political commentators had to each tell you how they emotionally felt about it?  And what did they look like?  They looked like pale emotionless faceless people that got wheeled out of a wax museum to speak on television.  Does the fatty boombalatti or does he not sound like the French mustache homo guy that appeared on Laugh In or some show like that in the 70's!  To think that New Jersey thinks he is the most respectable and capable person in that state is an abomination of man!  It is unconscionable!

"How much of a competitive nation should this really be?  Should it be that those who are born normal are ganged up on at every stage of their lives by the mentally retarded?  Should we have to contend with that in the United States or anywhere in the world for that matter?"

And he made the comment "Vote your conscience."  It is an innuendo isn't it?

And now that I think about it when Ted Cruz father came into the U.S. with $100 sewn into his pocket what was that money for?  Where Cubans dispatched to the United States in such a fashion that they were given $100 to buy a gun to kill Kennedy with?  On the hopes that Russia would then launch an attack on the U.S. after we were put in disarray by the death of our President?  Those feeble minded communists have been here already!  Do you know what defines them?  Do you know what one COMMUNist has in COMMON with the next?  They don't have their own human conscience because of an alcohol defect or likely the offspring of a parent who didn't either and so it is hereditary.  What they have in COMMON is they share the mind of a human being that is tormented and split for them!  And that human being suffers greatly from what is called schizophrenia.  So the reason the Russians didn't attack after Kennedy was killed was because they were sure that organized crime would be established from Texas to New York to California to Chicago!  And organized crime, the criminal mind is a mentally defective brain which is also COMMUNISM.  Get it?

They don't quite seem to understand what the Union of States is all about either.  Ted Cruz does not like the Union of States.

For those of you who have that gap in the front of your brain because of rotten fruit alcohol preventing it from developing; if you want to break something first you weaken it by dividing it!  And that is what Cruz is all about!  So indeed his father likely did have that $100 for the exact thing I said.  Did anyone see the juxtaposition of the good cop bad cop going on there with Trump versus Cruz?  Makes you want to puke!

Again like the Satanic manual of the Bible reads to some? 

Make the work harder for the people so that they keep working and pay no attention to lies.”  Source

How can you vote your Conscience if you don't have one?  It is like saying to a quadriplegic the bathroom is at the top of the stairs?  No that isn't a proper analogy.  It is like asking a lesbian what man she wants to marry?

So when Trumps eldest son was young he started a charity to benefit a hospital?  But what does that amount to?  Advertising of the hospital as something that accepts donations?  Pardon me for asking but why not donate directly to a hospital if you want to?  And if you are really an advertising agency of a hospital then you are not really a charity?  I don't like the whole concept of charitable organizations.  It is about what Kennedy stated about those who had Ivy League educations, they do not benefit the public.

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