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Monday, July 18, 2016

The Subversive English in the United States 07 18 2016

The Subversive English in the United States

Mighty white of you to first make white people a minority with the use of psychiatry; and then start a race war against us? Isn't that what we are indeed starting to see?

People want to say there are people of color and there are white people.

White isn't the absence of color, to make white paint you add white pigment just like you do to make any other color paint.

Does that mean that there is white pigment in the skin? What is that pigment then; zinc or calcium?

Pardon me but weren't you taught that in school that white was the absence of color; or was it black? You order black paint at a hardware store and sometimes they can't even make it because they don't have room enough in the gallon can to add all the pigment needed; they have to add more pigment than any other color!

There are loopholes in school because initially it was wrong and never corrected; to be unable to correct what is wrong is a sign of mental retardation.

What about the sky being black at night; does that prove that black is the absence of color? What scientists are discovering now is that there is something called dark matter. So where does all the light go? Is it indeed soaked up by dark matter like a sponge? If so why? How can we translate that into a laymen opinion of philosophical synthesis in order to look for the scientific basis? (Don't like that idea? Try it for awhile and see just how valid it is!!!)

“Clear” is the absence of color isn't it! So if you really had skin that didn't have any color you would have clear skin? And therefore you would be red and blue the color of your blood and white the color of your bones and tendons? You would look like that anatomy photograph in the encyclopedia wouldn't you!

So I am saying that our white skin is white because of a white pigment just like paint is its color because of pigment. But that doesn't explain what is considered to be people of color? If white skin is normal it means that the pigment in it comes from something like calcium magnesium or zinc?

So we have to ask ourselves how come we don't have color pigmented skin? Now here you have to understand natural adaptation and evolution. To develop black skin you need it to hide in the jungle and hunt at night? Why do you need to hide though? What is the dominant species?

Now Monkeys do indeed have white skin under their fur. So here is credit to the black person if they are indeed the origin of the human race, for hiding from the white skin monkeys?

But wait white people have white skin so if you believe in evolution the white person had to have evolved first from the monies that had white skin under their fur! But then what does that make the person of color? Something that adapted to hide in the jungle and hunt at night from the white person? And the reason or initial conflict would be an interesting tale we will never know of. Perhaps the black people were in the right? From person experience and observed attitude towards human civilization I doubt it!

That is more likely someone that wasn't killed but evicted from an ancient Jewish type tribe or community out of mercy?

Psychotic Reality: To watch what a white person does (in your minds eye) and therefore see how they think, until you become insanely jealous of them. That is also the nature of voyeurism! But who would develop to be that way and why? Someone that was evicted from an ancient tribal village! Daydreaming all day what the people in that village are doing? Figuring out if you victimize one your second sight becomes much better regarding them?

So who is it that is white but doesn't see themselves as white; the white retard! And there, therefore has been no greater threat to the white race than the white retard!

Isn't the pro-life/adoption network really the equivalent of Polygamy which is illegal?

The white race is indeed on the decline in the United States! And we founded freedom!

Because of the white retard I believe that whites who hear voices should be given breeding rights over the white retard! It isn't polygamy just like the wealthy man siring children with women he isn't going to marry isn't polygamy, and those pro life children ending up in the adoption network isn't polygamy.

So what creates the white retard that ruins the white race? Alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere! About 5% of the population now has it and has none of the physical signs of it such as down's syndrome people do!

White people have pigment in their skin they have to! So who is it that would say we don't? A white retard that attempts to define and label things verbally when they don't have the cognitive ability think in depth about them? And that is indeed what Wilson's syndrome a form of mental retardation is, high manipulative verbal ability but low IQ! Contrive a label that fits grammatical sequences and then argue about it immemorial? (Sp?)


But let me attempt to differentiate what the base pigment is in white skin and why people of color have an added pigment skin type scientific category? Most white people tan with the seasons.

Some of the primates (monkey's/apes) do indeed have black skin under their fur? And I don't mean to pick on black people here. But in a gorilla tribe the young are all raised by one or two females. In human beings we are raised by two parents man and woman. I am making a comment that group day care has to go! Also nanny raising has to go!

I will assert that anyone who is of “voyeurism” has the evictee genealogy! By voyeurism I mean witchcraft of seeing through a human beings eyes and demonically possessing them with voices to distract their human thinking which give them a sense of self and therefore interferes with demonic possession of them! “If I can make it so that he can't hear himself think I can steer his finger into the blade of that table saw?” The Irish have been said to have the ability to sense the descending of the Holy Spirit on the crown of their heads! What does that make us? More independent thinkers, more responsible thinkers; therefore more human? A lot of the Irish were victimized by alcohol to create Down's Syndrome Voyeur mental retards. It is a crying shame!

So I am asserting skin pigment is really a mineral in white people and skin color is really an adaptation to that? Or indeed the white person could be the cross of a black person who wasn't able to hide very well and a white skinned monkey that raped them?

But why is this important? Because we don't want someone estranged from voyeurism making very important decisions with regard to our future! Estranged means deferring from the original possessor! They won't tell you that their conscious minds are imprinted by the holy spirit of a natural human being that is demonized by voices and labeled schizophrenic in mental fraud!

What are the Illuminati? They are those who are inverse imprinted with the holy spirit of a demonized normal human being labeled schizophrenic. So what did science figure out with regard to this a long time ago? That those labeled schizophrenic do not have a gap in the exterior front of their brains as we have been propagandized to believe the general population does. So again what are the Illuminati? They are like the evictees! Wondering what people in civilization are doing. And if they indeed are touched by the holy spirit of a human being it likely resides in that front gap of their brain! And when they lose contact with the mind of that human being, when that human is no longer hearing voices (because they got away?) the biblical term the evictee experiences is called rapture.

So just how evil is the voyeur? Both in Nazi Germany and the Civil War victims of demonic possess had to be blindfolded when they escaped via “underground railroad” because their demonic possessors could see through their eyes.

And what did the Puritan Pilgrims believe? 1. They believed themselves to be Godly! 2. They believed that demonic possession was a reality! 3. They hung witches and warlocks for the practice of it! 4. They didn't want anyone to drink too much because they wanted them to be able to read so that they could understand and obey law. Again alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere today. It goes by many euphemisms; Down's syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, autism, cretinism, Asperger, Wilson's syndrome, Dyslexia, vision birth defects, Cerebral Palsy, etc.. The dictionary definition of to retard is to delay the development of.

So why do I write this stuff? Because I believe it to be true and needed. Because I want to end the suffering of those with a horrific form of mental illness and I know the cause of it!  Because I believe the Constitution means life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness independent of those who would demonically possess you with voices!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
Originally published on 07 18 2016 at:

But what else is polygamy?  Raising a group of children on the mind of one human being who is having their soul split with voices and labeled a schizophrenic in medical fraud!  That one man being a father to all those children and a husband to the coven women of the tribe whether they consider the dynamic to be understood that way or not!  Can and should we apply anti polygamy acts and laws to end this horrific mental affliction?


Very interesting as it relates to mental illness. Tyrosine is a chemical that can cause an increase in the thinking chemical dopamine in the brain.  Too much of it and you overthink and those who are with you opportunize it to make delusions out of your imagination?? (Out of the complete frustration of envy from listening to you think so well?  But to the point.  Your skin gets whatever pigment it has from the oxidation of tyrosine!  Say's right here.

Are schizophrenics therefore also put at an unnatural risk for skin cancer (death) because of what is done to them?  Yes!

Let me spell it out,  because you can't take tyrosine because it  causes to active thinking for the demonic possessors to handle you can't produce melanin in your skin which when you tan protects  you from ultra violet radiation!!!!!

Melanin determines skin color but it also plays a role in brain function that scientists claim not to know what it is???  What am I getting at?  Something even more horrific!

I have supplemented with just very small amounts of tyrosine because I know it is potent.  And just a little bit like the amount on top of a toothpick would be taken internally gives me a rock hard boner!  It is also stated to be very helpful to the kidneys!  The kidneys remove waste from the body!  And here we are coming full circle!  Some people have stated that the skin is the third kidney!  Meaning when your kidney's can't handle all those toxic modern chemicals it shows up on the skin, acne, etc! So here indeed black skin could be a kidney abnormality or distribution of pigment toxin into melanin?

I can tell you that when you are thinking sharp and clearly ie when your tyrosine brain metabolism is functioning properly, the demonic possessors who create the voices in your go monkey ape mad at you!

We need a field of psychiatry to be all about the satanic minded and not the minds of men!  What a tremendous benefit to the human race and world that would be!

Skin of color being an altered or defective genetic pathway for tyrosine brain metabolism?  In other words it might be rather than the ability to think that comes from normal tyrosine metabolic pathway that ability is diverted into that very specific skin pigment!

And the wiki entry doesn't really tell what atoms/minerals form the different pigments that give each skin color its color?  Perhaps it does but it is above my current level of voice distracted thinking ability to figure out.


Some of those skin pigments created by tyrosine also bond to potentially toxic/cancerous heavy metals.  Per Wikipedia link above.  " However, the biological function remains unknown, although human NM has been shown to efficiently bind transition metals such as iron, as well as other potentially toxic molecules."

I might summarize:  They are looping mad at you because you are genetically white, and even though they look white they are genetically black, and all of the above assertions apply?

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